Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Make it work for YOU!

Have you always wanted to get your degree? Do you find yourself saying you “can’t” make it work for your budget or your schedule? Say YES to college as an adult with Butler Community College. We help make it work for You. Flexible hours, online classes, 8 locations and a competitive price makes joining Butler easy.




For only $50 you can enroll in Butler and have the rest of the semester to pay your bill.

Want a Bachelors degree? Butler tuition is 80% less than that of a 4-year university. Start your college education here, then transfer. In doing so, you save money.

Some employers offer “Tuition Reimbursement.” It never hurts to ask if the company offers this. 


Butler has 8 locations to better serve their students. El Dorado, Andover, McConnell AFB, Wichita Service Center, The Boston Rec Center-Wichita, Rose Hill, Marion and Council Grove.

Because we are close to home, you spend less time driving to school after work, in turn saving you time and money.

The majority of our campuses have night classes, making it easy to work around your 8-5 job. 


Our online tuition per credit hour is the same as face-to-face learning.

There are 150 courses offered online. Twenty degrees can be completed fully online.

The wide variety of online classes makes it easy to work around your schedule - - Taking tomorrow into your own hands.

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Dr. Jessica Ohman

Associate Vice President of Student Services


Office: BOE 601 

Transfer Courses

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Our courses transfer readily to many four year colleges and universities in Kansas. Students who wish to obtain their bachelor degree should consider this option.

Learn more on our Transfer Information page.