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Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree Requirements

The Associate in Applied Science degree is designed to prepare students for entry into an occupation or closely related cluster of occupations. Although the objective of the AAS degree is to enhance employment opportunities, some private, baccalaureate degree granting, institutions have developed upper division programs to recognize this degree for transfer of credits. Developmental courses cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements. See Additional Degree and Graduation Requirements.

The Associate in Applied Science degree will be awarded upon attainment of predetermined and specified performance requirements and satisfactory completion of a program of study not less than sixty-two (62) credit hours, including the following distribution of general education:

Minimum AAS Degree Requirements

  1. Communications - 6 credit hours
    English Comp. I- 3 credits, Grade must be C or better*
    and one of the following- 3 credits
    PDF LogoEnglish Comp II
    Technical Writing
    PDF LogoPublic Speaking
    PDF LogoInterpersonal Comm.
    Business Communications
  2. Natural Science, Math and Computer Science- 9 credit hours
    Must include one course from each of the following areas. Math review hours will not meet this requirement.
    MA 114 or above - See specific program requirements for required level of math.
    Laboratory Science
    Biological Science
    Physical Science
    Computer Science
  3. Social/ Behavioral Science- 3 credit hours
    Social Science or Behavioral Science
  4. Humanities/Fine Arts- 3 credit hours
    Any one course from the following

    Foreign Language

  5. Physical Education- 1 credit hour
    One activity course or Lifetime Fitness
    Physical Education or Dance

* Some Butler AAS degree programs require grades of C or better in other required courses. See an advisor for more information.

Minimum Required General Education Courses                     15 hours
Minimum Required Technical Specialty/Related Courses     45 hours
Minimum Graduation Requirements                                          60 hours

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