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Links to Web Resources for Selecting Careers and Majors

Self Exploration: Sites that offer personality tests

www.careerkey.org - This site will ask you questions about your interests and then suggest possible occupations for you to consider that would match your personality. You can then click on individual occupations to get a detailed description.

http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp - At this site, you can take an online test based on Jung/Myers-Briggs typology.   It will help you determine your personality formula, preferences, and the description of your type.

The Enneagram is another popular test to find out about yourself and career choice. This site offers descriptions of the results, diagrams, and FAQ's.

Holland's Self Directed Search - An interactive site that asks you questions regarding your interests, abilities and career values. The cost to complete the Self Directed Search is $9.95 and you get a personalized report online.

The Job Hunter's Bible - This site has links to a variety of interactive tests, articles and a career development manual.

Dream it, Do it - An interactive website to start you thinking about your dream career. Includes a Dream Quiz, a Career Calculator, and career and video profiles.


Career Exploration: Sites that give you information on various occupations

Health Resource Partners - This site provides links to information on health care careers and educational opportunities in Kansas and its surrounding states.

Kansas Hospital Association - Learn about occupations found in hospitals such as lab techs, radiology techs, respiratory therapists, etc. )

www.jobprofiles.org - Look at cool careers and learn about occupations from the people who work in them.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook - A very comprehensive publication of the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.

Occupational Information Network - This site contains information about the knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and general work activities for countless occupations.

Get help figuring out what's next with My Futures - Get information about careers, colleges, and military careers.

http://www.onetonline.org/ - The O*NET site provides comprehensive information about occupations, including in-demand industry clusters, and key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations. Not only can you get information about careers, you can do a search based on your skills. This is an excellent source of information!

Virtual Job Shadow - View interviews of people at their job sites.

America's Career Info Net - Fastest growing occupations and their wages and trends.

American Library Association - Information for people interested in Library Science.

American Health Information Management Association - A great site for those interested in medical billing and coding and medical transcription.

www.discovernursing.com - Interested in Nursing? Discover this site!

Careers in Accounting - This site provides an overview of the accounting profession, including required skills, salary information, trends, etc.

American Culinary Federation - This site provides information regarding certification exams for those students interested in becoming a chef.

Real time Reporting - This site will provide information on careers available in real time reporting - Butler's newest program!

Kansas labor statistics - Industry trends and outlooks for the State of Kansas


Major Decisions: Sites that match majors to careers

http://www.collegeboard.com/app's/careers/index - What do you want to be? What college major will get you there?

http://content.monstertrak.monster.com/resources/archive/career fields/ - This site has links to articles that deal with choosing a major/career path.

What can I do with a major in ... ? - This site allows you to click on a major and then view an extensive list of occupations possible with that major!

What can I do with this major? - Here is another site that lets you click on a major and get a list of possible occupations.


Land that Job!
These sites provide information on job searches, salary ranges, cover letters, resumes, interview tips, and wage and industry information.

The Job Hunter's Bible - Resumes & cover letters for every occasion!

Kansas Job Link - This site lists several job openings in Kansas, including civil service jobs and jobs in the private sector.


www.job.com - Search jobs and find your career today!

Kansas Teacher Licensure - Information regarding the licensure process for teachers and substitute teachers in Kansas.

Health Career Opportunities - Search for job openings in health care.

www.employmentguide.com/ - Search for jobs and apply online.

www.careers.com - Top U.S. job openings.

www.jobweb.com - Job search advice for new college graduates.

www.monster.com - See the Monster!

www.hireability.com - Over 1000 job listings!

www.careercity.com - Search jobs and post resumes.

http://dod.usajobs.gov/ - Military, civil service and DOD

www.jobsearachusa.org - Search for jobs for those on a professional career track.


Internships, Seasonal and Adventure Jobs!






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