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Agricultural Marketing

Within the last two decades, the world economy has shifted towards globalization with agriculture at the forefront. Today we see producers, end–users, foreign countries, funds and speculators racing to the futures market for risk management or a quick profit. The new market participants have created dramatic and volatile futures markets for agricultural products.

Are you prepared to be an active participant in the new market?

Understanding of agricultural markets, predominately futures markets, is no longer an option. Volatility in the markets causes market participants to become frustrated. In addition, the producer without a risk management strategy faces financial uncertainty. Risk management, for most agricultural producers and end–users, is no longer an option; it is a necessity

Butler Community College’s Agriculture Department offers coursework in basic agricultural marketing, futures and options and risk management. Whether you are a traditional student, non–traditional student, producer, end–user or risk manager; Butler has the courses to help you understand the agricultural markets.

Butler offers two agricultural marketing courses. Each course if tailored to the individual needs of the students. In addition, these courses are designed to prepare the transfer student for advanced coursework.

AG 217 Marketing Agricultural Products 3 hours credit

This course is an introduction to the technology, pricing, and supply and demand of agricultural marketing. In addition, the course is a basic introduction to futures, options and risk management. Analysis of opportunities relating to various marketing procedures, based on individual producer needs, is included.

For students interested in further study or anyone with a basic understanding of futures and options markets, Butler offers an intermediate course. This course is hands–on; allowing the student to interact with the market through simulations.

AG 218 Principles of Futures Markets 3 hours credit

This course offers a study of the principles of futures markets, types of market transactions, terminology and market analysis. During the course students will be involved in simulated transactions in the market to gain practical experience.

These courses are offered in both Fall and Spring semesters one night a week. Please check the course schedule for the next available class.

Have questions? Please contact: Elissa Mullinix or Justin Patterson jpatterson1@butlercc.edu