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Home Health Aide

Home health aides provide basic health care services to individuals in their own home under the supervision of a registered nurse. After successful completion of the course with a C or better, you are eligible to take the Kansas Home Health Aide Certification test. Classroom instruction includes topics on organization and function for home health agencies, role of home health aide, family reaction to stress, death and disability, reaction of children to family illness and stress, characteristics of mental health, indications of family abuse, caring for a new baby in the home, and food preparation in the home.

Prerequisites for Home Health Aide (AH117 - 2 credit hours)

  • Must be a Certified Nurse Aide in Kansas or have just completed AH 122 Certified Nurse Aide for Kansas Nursing Homes with a C or better. Note to Advising: The student might have taken CNA at another College and CNA will not be on Butler transcript. The student must show you a CNA card.
  • Note to Advising: The student can enroll in HHA if he or she has finished CNA, but is waiting to take the CNA State exam.
  • Student must take the ASSET test before enrolling and score 35 or higher in the reading portion of the test. (Advising will administer)
  • Bring the following ON THE FIRST DATE OF CLASS
    1. Certified Nurse Aide Card
  • Each student will pay a $20.00 fee for the state exam. This appears as a course fee and will be collected with tuition.