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Susan Forrest


Hi! My name is Susan Forrest. I have taught Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, and Chemistry Review for Biology Students (online) at Butler since the fall of 2001. Before that I taught at Allen Community College in Burlingame, KS and was an adjunct for 2 years at Butler while finishing my Masters degree.

I am a graduate of Butler Community College, Kansas State University and Wichita State University. My BS is in Secondary Education and my MS is in Biology.

I have taught Science at the Middle, High School, and now College level. I enjoy collecting microbes and culturing cells. My thesis was "Effects of DDT on adherens junction proteins in MDCK cells" so I classify myself as a cell biologist. In my spare time I love to read mystery novels with a forensic science twist.

My wish for my students is that everyone will come out of my classes with a new or renewed sense of excitement about biology. If you are interested in doing outside projects for microbiology, students from my Microbiology classes will be involved in presenting a "Germ Lesson" to elementary schools in the Sedgwick and Butler County areas. This 2 part lesson will teach hand washing techniques, the scientific method, and will allow students to see where "germs" are found around their school. It is my hope that this will get students interested in science and at the very least will make them more aware of the fact that "Germs are everywhere! "

Students interested in doing an honors project for Microbiology can participate in an ongoing study of occupancies of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus carriers in various populations of in the Sedgwick and Butler County areas. So far, students have compared the student nurse population, church groups, and restaurant workers. The ongoing project will examine trends in the population and explore ways of preventing the future outbreaks of MRSA strains in vulnerable groups within the population.

Students interested in doing honors projects for other classes or who are interested in Phi Theta Kappa can also contact me at sforrest@butlercc.edu if you have questions about these programs.