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Career Pathways

tech_prep_graphic Beginning in the 1980's, many students graduated from colleges across the nation, and were unable to secure employment in their field of study. Business and industry had made the move from the Industrial Age to the Age of Technology. Jobs were redefined and it was difficult to find qualified people to fill them. What happened? With the changing of the Industrial Age to the Age of Technology, education had to change as well. Students had to gain different skills by taking different courses to be successful and prepared for the High Tech Age. Students and educators needed something to make a seamless transition of courses from secondary to postsecondary education without the duplication of course study, thus articulations were born.

The course(s) that articulate for college credit will prepare you for both academic and technical skills necessary to be competitive in a high tech workplace. The course(s) will prepare you for the careers of tomorrow by giving you the technical skills, applied academics, and opportunities for hands-on experiences in the workplace while enrolled in school.

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