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Student Program Evaluation

This evaluation is anonymous and will be used to improve the program and services to students and employers. Please use the following scale.

SA = Strongly Agree
A = Agree
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree
NA = Not Applicable
Evaluating List
1. Personnel in the Cooperative Education office were friendly and helpful in providing me information and assistance.
2. The number and frequency of contacts by my faculty coordinator was satisfactory.
3. The faculty coordinator explained the portfolio and my responsibilities carefully and completely.
4. The faculty coordinator assisted my job supervisor and me in identifying my training objectives.
5. Forms, reports and written assignments in the portfolio seemed fair and appropriate for the amount of credit received.
6. I found the required assignments and exercises to be helpful in progressing towards my career goals.
7. The experience I have received at my job site will be a significant help in achieving my career goals.
8. Based upon my experience with the program, I would recommend Cooperative Education to a friend.
9. I would have enrolled in Cooperative Education earlier in my college experience if I had known about it.

10. I first learned about Co-op from the following: (check all that apply)
Bulletins read in classes Brochures
Coordinator visit to classes College advisor
High school counselor Friend
The Co-op Office Co-worker

Other (explain)

11. I plan to enroll in Co-op again next semester. Yes No

12. Please make at least one comment regarding your involvement/participation in the Cooperative Education program.

This form is intended to be anonymous and may be faxed or mailed. Your prompt response is sincerely appreciated.

Cooperative Education
Butler Community College
901 South Haverhill Road, El Dorado, KS 67042
Phone: 316-322-3266 Fax: 316-322-3159