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Course Offerings

EN 101 Graphics I. 3 hours credit. This course is divided into two sections: fundamentals and techniques of drafting, and the introduction to computer aided design (CAD). The fundamentals portion covers: linework, geometric construction, shape description, dimensioning and more. The CAD portion covers the introduction to computer aided design and it's application in the industry.

EN 102 Graphics II. 3 hours credit. Prerequiesite: EN 101 - C or better or instructor's approval. This course allows the student to complete advanced CAD work in the are of design. The student will learn more advanced CAD and drafting skills, and work as a team in for their design project.

EN 103 Introduction to Design and CAD. 3 hours credit. The student will survey several concepts of design. Basic computer aided design (CAD) will be emphasized and utilized in all concepts of design. CAD will also be utilized in the study of various structures.

EN 206 Special Problems in Drafting and CAD. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: Instructor's approval. Offered by appointment only. This course is offered for students who have a special interest in particular areas of drafting and CAD, and desire to do further study in those areas. All work will be completed under the direction of the instructor.

EN 210 Residential Design and CAD. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: EN 101 or instructor approval. Students will prepare complete sets of plans and specifications for houses of traditional and contemporary design.

EN 211 Commercial Building Design and CAD. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: EN 101 or instructor approval. Procedures in planning and drawing buildings for manufacturing and merchandising, such as schools, churches, and light and heavy construction.

EN 214 3D Model Processes. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: EN 210, EN 211. Model building is looked at as a support function for the drafter. The student will use CAD 3D software to generate three-dimensional images of residential, commercial, and industrial designs.

EN 217 Industrial Design and CAD. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: DR 103 or instructor approval. This course is structured to give the student a basic understanding in two closely related areas of drafting design: commercial construction of steel fabrication and piping systems. The students are given an understanding of structural sections, fabrication and erection, flow diagrams (isometric and orthographic), valves, vessels and other types of fittings.

DR 197, 198, 297 and 298 Cooperative Education I, II, III and IV. 6 hours credit each. Integrate education with on-the-job experience (paid positions). See page 68 for a complete description of these courses.

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