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Butler Federal School Code 001906

All required documents due date to avoid a payment contract:
July 16 for Fall; December 1 for Spring; May 1 for Summer

2014-2015 Forms - (Special Instructions)

Semesters include:        Fall 2014         Spring 2015         Summer 2015


Address Update

Authorization for Release of Information Form-Optional

Bachelor's Degree or Graduate/Professional Status

Cancellation of Aid at Butler

Degree Seeking

Dependency Override

Drug Worksheet - Question 23

FAFSA Signature

Fax Cover

Federal Work-Study Skills

GED Request

Identity and Statement of Educational Purposes

Income Status Document

Leadership Studies Agreement

PACE Appeal Form

Physician's Certification

Professional Judgment (Income)

Professional Judgment - Parent in College

Professional Judgment Income Status Document

Proof of Dependent Support

Request for Processing Based on Extension

SAP Appeal

Verification V1 - Dependent

Verification V3 - Dependent

Verification V4 - Dependent

Verification V5 - Dependent

Verification V6 - Dependent

Verification V1 - Independent

Verification V3 - Independent

Verification V4 - Independent

Verification V5 - Independent

Verification V6 - Independent


2014-2015 Applications

Academic/Foundation Scholarship

Butler Access Scholarship

Butler Vocational Scholarship

Dependents and Spouses of Deceased Military Personnel

Dependent and Spouses of Public Safety Officers

FAFSA - How to Fill Out the Application - VIDEO

FAFSA - Process Overview - VIDEO

FAFSA - on the Web - FASTER


FAFSA - Apply for Signature PIN

FAFSA - On the Web Pre-Application Worksheet

Foster Child Education Assistance Program

Kansas National Guard Eduction Assistance Program

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

Kansas Nursing Service Sponsorship Agreement

Military Service Scholarship Program

Prisoners of War

State of Kansas

2014-2015 Financial Aid Information

Disbursement Schedule - Yearly

Federal Direct Loan Disbursement Schedule

Federal Direct Loan Process

Federal Funds Information Sheet

Federal Work-Study Payroll Schedule

International Transcript Credential Evaluators

IRS Data Retrieval Tool - DRT

Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU)

Return to Title IV (R2T4)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid

SAP Retention - Butler Wants You to Succeed!

SAP for Scholarships

Scholarship Contacts

Scholarship Descriptions

Scholarship Thank-You Card Guideline and Tips

Verification of Federal Application

Butler Federal School Code 001906 for the FAFSA
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