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Chinese writingBecome bilingual or just more hirable in the workforce. Fulfill your humanities requirements at Butler and transfer those credits to the four-year institution in your future or-just enrich your life by learning to communicate with people all over the world. Butler’s Foreign Language Department offers various levels of language acquisition. Spanish is our most sought after program and we offer courses on various campuses at a beginning through intermediate level. In addition, our full-time faculty is certified to offer specialized/technical language training specific to individual job fields with Butler’s Command Spanish®, Inc. courses. But that’s just a small part of what makes us proud! We also offer beginning-level courses in French, German, and Japanese—and, on occasion, we even teach introductory classes in Russian and Chinese! Our classrooms are equipped with the latest language-learning technology and our staff is trained in curriculum-based techniques, so we know how to be effective language professors. What’s more, we have full-time lecturers who are native speakers of the language they teach, as well as professors who have lived and worked abroad in various occupations and on different continents, and we’re always happy to share our personal experiences with our students. Perhaps that’s why our students regularly tell us that they’re more satisfied with our curriculum and classroom environment than at other, pricier institutions.

List of careers/career areas with languages (some examples follow):

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Linguistics/Socio-Linguistics/Speech-Pathology
  • Archaeology/Cultural Anthropology
  • Military/Government Groups
  • Education (Pre-K through Post-Graduate levels)
  • Domestic/international Business & Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Work/Social Welfare Programs
  • Tourism (including ecotourism/green travel technology)
  • Law & Safety (including Homeland Security, etc.)

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Name: Calisa E. Marlar, M.A.
Building: 5000 Bldg. BOA
Office: RM 5213 S.
Phone: (316)218-6496
Ext: 6496
E-mail: cmarlar@butlercc.edu