Early College Academies

Early College Academies

Early College Academies

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The Early College Academy concept introduces the college learning experience to high school juniors and seniors. Propel your career forward and take college credit in high school while immersing yourself in the college experience!

Just imagine while most people are just graduating high school, you could be graduating with an associate degree too.

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You can't pass this by!  Here's why.

  • Last year 82% of Academy graduates earned their Associate’s Degrees from Butler and their high school diplomas the same weekend.
  • Academy graduates earned over $500,000 in scholarship offerings and were accepted at 100% of the colleges they applied to post-Academy including UCLA, Kings College London, Harvard, KU, KState, Wichita State, Newman, Washburn and others. 
  • We boast a 100% retention rate from high school to college and/or Butler to a 4 year school.
  • The total cost of any of our academy learning tracks range from $3,000 - $4,600.


Dona Larimer
Public Safety Academy

Tonya Johnston
Health Science Academy

Ashtin Mills
Information Technology, Engineering Technology, Business Entrepreneurship Academies


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Christy Streeter
Director of Early College Academies

Niomi Williams
Director of Early College Academies - Andover

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