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Humans create because it is a part of who we are. We are the only animals that make things because we want to, not because we have to. You can see the products of this creativity all over the world and throughout history: Plato's' Republic, the pyramids in Egypt, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Studying developments in art allows you to see exactly where some of our traditions began. And it helps you figure out where we fit in the world as a culture and what you stand for as a person. Butler Community College's humanities courses allow you to figure out what you like and teach you how to communicate to others your tastes in the visual arts, architecture, literature, philosophy, music, theatre, and dance. We'll help you develop an aesthetic sensibility you can be proud of!

Through history and technology, we in the humanities, look at the act of creation itself. History helps us understand where we came from and who we are, but technology helps make our lives easier and helps us appreciate the inventiveness of the human mind.

What could be more fascinating to study than the objects we make simply because we are human?

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