About Welding

Get a bead on a career that’s white hot with opportunity.

Our welding program uses state of the art welding equipment and AWS certified welding instructors to give our students the best instruction possible in a variety of welding processes and cutting processes, as well as blueprint reading and Metallurgy. Students can earn our program certificate and become AWS certified in the SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW processes as well, all in one year. Our welding program is so well respected that many area employers prefer and actively seek to hire our graduates. It is a highly structured program with a strong reputation for producing well-trained and accomplished students in the field of welding.

Both the Associate Degree and the certificate program will prepare you for entry into one of the most exciting, high demand, and high wage technical fields in industry today. Put a “spark” in your career path, come see us at the welding program.

Female Welding Student