Placement Testing

The first thing you need to know is that not everyone needs to take a placement test. Take a look at the list of ACT and SAT scores below. If you have taken either of these tests and received scores at these levels or higher, you do not need to take a Placement Test.

    ACT Scores (within the last three years)

  • English - 18
  • Reading - 15
  • Math - 21

    SAT Scores (within the last three years)

  • Writing - 430
  • Reading - 450
  • Math - 500

If you are transferring from another college and have completed Math and English course requirements, you may be able to enroll without a Placement Test.

The next thing you need to know about Placement Testing is that we do it to help you succeed in your course work at Butler. You are required to take the Placement Test if you don’t meet the requirements above. However, we only use the results to help us identify any areas where you would benefit from some additional instruction.

Online Study Guides - Math & English 

We provide an online study guides that you can review before taking the test, so you can be prepared to take the test.

Math Study Guide

English Study Guide

What is the Placement Test?

There are three kinds of placement tests. The ASSET test is a timed paper/pencil test. The COMPASS and ACCUPLACER tests are not timed and are computerized. Each test is made up of three sections: reading, writing and math. Allow at least two and a half hours to complete all three sections of the ASSET/COMPASS/ACCUPLACER test.  Any high school student wishing to enroll who does not have ACT or SAT scores on file is required to take all three sections of the ASSET/COMPASS/ACCUPLACER test.

Where can I take a Placement Test? 

Placement Testing occurs at multiple locations in Butler County and Sedgwick County. For information on where and when to take your test, visit the Testing Center Hours and Locations page.

*Note: Academic course testing hours are different than ASSET, COMPASS, ESL, ACCUPLACER or CLEP testing hours.  Please check with the testing site to confirm the date and time you would like to complete your placement test. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently in the process of migrating to a new testing product. Please contact the testing center location prior to your arrival to confirm testing materials are available.

When you arrive to take your test: 

  • Check in at Academic Advising and complete the necessary forms to take the test.
  • Go to Accounts Receivable (AR) and pay the $15 test fee.* (The fee is $25 if you are taking the test to attend a school other than Butler.)
  • Present an official photo ID and your AR receipt to the testing administrator.
  • Take the Placement Test.
*Please keep your receipt for the placement testing fee. If you do not show the receipt, you will not be allowed to test.

Can I retake a Placement Test?

Please review our Placement Retesting Policy.  Studying for the placement test is highly recommended to ensure accurate placement in English and Math classes.