Early College Health Sciences Academy

Health Science Academy Course Track

Classes Every Health Science Academy Student Will Take

Year 1 Fall Year 1 Spring Year 2 Fall Year 2 Spring
* Cert. Nurses Aide Applied Statistics Microbiology Pathophysiology
Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology General Psychology English Comp II
College Algebra Therapeutic Nutrition English Comp I Developmental Psychology
Academy Academy II Academy III Academy IV
  CPR/First Aid Speech Ethics
Total Credit Hrs: 13 Total Credit Hrs: 13 Total Credit Hrs: 15 Total Credit Hrs: 14

* SB-155 covered classes include CNA and Medical Terminology are tuition free. All remaining courses are billed at current tuition and fee rate. Classes are subject to change.

Degree Completion

In addition to the ECHSA course sequence, students must complete the following classes to earn their Associates degree at Butler:

  • American Federal Government
  • Fitness & Wellness class
  • Fine Arts Introductory Course



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