Finding a Job or Internship

Find a Job

Jobs are created in two ways, by "growth" and by "replacement." Growth job openings are created through new business start-up or business expansion and account for 32 percent of all job openings. Replacement jobs are job openings that replace people who have left their jobs due to promotion, job change, retirement, illness, or death. Replacement accounts for 68 percent of all job openings.

Here's how to get started with your job search:

  • Ask your friends and relatives if they would help you get a job interview where they work. Mention them when you apply. Personal references are a great way to get an interview!
  • Twitter or email your friends about the kind of job and work you are looking for.
  • Connect with the people you know. This includes teachers, preachers, politicians, hair dressers, barbers, realtors, police officers, business owners, and the staff at your dentist and doctor offices.
  • Search Facebook and LinkedIn for groups who are interested in your major and career focus. Hiring managers and recruiters are out there. You can get noticed by offering good questions, comments and ideas.
  • Check out the web pages of your favorite companies. Apply for jobs and internships posted on their web sites.
  • Go to job search websites. Try and
  • Answer some help-wanted ads. Follow the directions to apply.
  • Contact the employer directly by sending a letter asking for a job interview or calling the hiring manager and asking for an interview.
  • Look for "Now Hiring" signs on business buildings and billboards. Dress up and introduce yourself. Make a great first impression!
  • Attend a Career Fair
  • Sign up with a temp agency

Find an Internship

Identify- Employers that have the career you are interested in, where you want to do your internship. Search the company web site. Do you know a current employee or supervisor? Ask your contact for the name of who you should connect with regarding an internship. Try to identify the supervisor that would be in charge of your area at that company. Prepare a resume with a focus on your education and relevant courses completed.

Request- Call the person in charge of the department and ask for 15 minutes to discuss the potential of an internship. Be prepared with information on how an internship will be a win-win for both you and the employer. Contact Meg McGranaghan, Associate Vice President of Academics for specifics. Email or call 316.322.3345

Market Yourself- Be prepared to introduce yourself and sell your product (your skills, abilities and intention to learn). Specify that you will treat this as an important job and will follow through if given a chance.

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