DEWEY Faculty Award

The 2016 DEWEY Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member who is an outstanding user of Butler Libraries

DEWEY: “Deepening Education While Engaging You”

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Nominations close April 6, 2016

Winner announced at Library Reception April 13, 2016

Thank you for selecting our 2016 Winner! 

Our past winners:

2015 Winner
Freda BriggsDewey Awards - Freeda, Pioneer Girl

2014 Winner
Janece English2014 Dewey winner - Janece English

2013 Winner
Jeff Tymony 2013 Dewey winner - Jeff Tymony

2012 Winner
Michelle McClendon2012 Dewey winner - Michelle McClendon

2011 Winner
Gina Austin-Fresh2011 Dewey winner Gina Austen-Fresh

2010 Winner
Jane Watkins2010 Dewey winner - Jane Watkins