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Reading Department

By taking one of our reading classes, you will improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary in all aspects of your reading life including reading for information and for pleasure!

All five reading courses offered at Butler Community College are taught with the intention of improving your ability to function in college and in the world of work.

RD011, RD012, RD014, RD015 and RD114 all contribute to your reading development through word recognition techniques, reading comprehension strategies, and vocabulary study. Furthermore, the courses all work on summarization, reading reflection, and other writing activities to develop your writing skills as well.

Reading classes are unique because the instructors not only teach to the whole group, but they try to individualize your reading instruction for your personal needs.

Learning to read what is important in a textbook and separate the main ideas from the supporting details will improve your confidence as a reader and reduce wasted time rereading materials repeatedly trying to understand and remember material you read.

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Name: Velma J. Honer
Location: Butler of El Dorado
Building: 200
Office: 222
Phone: 316-323-6485
Ext. 6485
E-mail: vhoner@butlercc.edu