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The Learning PACT and Student Learners


Current Benefits:

  • Instruction in all credit courses emphasizes the learning of outcomes relevant to the student's life and work whatever those goal(s) may be
  • Instruction in all courses accepted for General Education credit emphasizes clusters of at least three PACT outcomes in each course so the student can experience the interdependence of these knowledge and skill outcomes
  • Assessment of the PACT outcomes consists of evaluation within courses and other learning experiences of the student's level of achievement and serves as an indicator to the students of their individual progress in mastering these skills and knowledge needed in today's complex world
  • This holistic approach to college education helps the student focus more on the long range goal of what she/he wants to accomplish in the “real world"
  • The Learning PACT provides the framework for understanding all curriculum design and assessment at Butler.
  • Any student taking any credited courses or participating in any co-curricular activities at the college is impacted by the Learning PACT.

Becoming Familiar with the Learning PACT:

  • All first time full time degree seeking students in the Student Connect course are introduced to the Learning PACT.
  • The Student Connect student reflects on his/her learning goals and learns strategies for the development of skills crucial for collegiate and lifelong success.
  • All college course outlines and syllabi contain the Learning PACT outcome(s) developed and documented in that course
For more information about the PACT contact the Director of Assessment pspeary@butlercc.edu (316-322-3226) or the Dean of Learning Resources and Services kmeyer@butlercc.edu (316-322-3125).