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Benefits of Learning PACT to Other Stakeholders

For the Learning College:

The Learning PACT provides the means for the college to improve and expand its whole Learning Environment central to Butler's status as the Learning College of Choice for the region and an HLC/NCA AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) participant.

For employees:

The Learning PACT articulates the global skills and knowledge sets which are valued by the college in all its employees. The Learning PACT functions as a crucial central element of the college's culture of continuous quality improvement.

For faculty:

The integration of PACT outcomes relevant to the specific discipline outcomes in every course establishes the holistic interdependence of instruction and learning throughout the college. The institution-wide program of assessment achieved through the Learning PACT in all credited course work provides a powerful overview of the learning taking place throughout the institution, at the departmental level, and in individual courses through the acquisition and analysis of "rich" data from all segments of the instructional division.

For student service staff:

The integration of PACT outcomes across the range of co-curricular activities focuses those activities on the learning dimension so vital to the student's overall growth as responsible, involved lifelong learners. The involvement in student development of Learning PACT outcomes establishes the complementary relationship between student services and instruction in promoting student learning.

For business and industry:

Repeated and incremental development of the Learning PACT throughout all coursework and co-curricular activities prepares students with the global knowledge and skills vital to their productive success in the workplace.

For regional communities:

Comprehensive assessment of learning outcomes achievement by Butler students provides vital information for area communities' accountability concerns with the college's role in the development of the local workforce and economy.

For external review agencies (HLC/NCA, state/federal government, etc.):

Learning PACT assessment offers comprehensive documentation for the college's accountability to accrediting bodies and demonstrates strongly the institution's commitment to continual improvement as a Learning College.