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Learning PACT logo The nationally recognized Butler Learning PACT is the instructional approach which Butler, as a Learning College, uses to facilitate the preparation of students to function as principled, productive individuals who are responsible, involved lifelong learners. The Learning PACT promotes a group of skills and knowledge that learners develop during their Butler experience. These Learning PACT skills and knowledge are vital for any adult to function successfully in the ever changing world of the 21st century. A learning outcome is a body of knowledge or a set of skills which a student masters through doing coursework. If the student masters that learning outcome through the coursework then he/she is equipped to make use of that body of knowledge or set of skills in the future. The Learning PACT is the list of the college wide learning outcomes which are the foundation for General Education at Butler. A faculty-driven process which used input from all segments of Butler stakeholders and a wide array of other American community college personnel and members of the regional and national business world formulated the list of Learning PACT skills. The Learning PACT is integrated throughout all of the college's academic and student life programs in coursework, co-curricular activities, and all other learning opportunities.

The Learning PACT skills fall into four categories:

P = Personal Development Skills
(including personal management, interpersonal interaction)

A = Analytical Thinking Skills
(including critical thinking, problem solving)

C = Communication Skills
(including creation and delivery of messages, reception and interpretation of messages)

T = Technological Skills
(including general computer use, discipline-specific technology)

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