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The Quill and The Scan

Writing and Art of Butler students and staff The Quill and The Scan feature the writing and other work of Butler students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Quill features literary and creative work, including fiction, poetry, art and photography. It is edited by students chosen each year by advisor Diane Wahto. The Scan, edited by Wahto, publishes academic work, including essays and other projects undertaken as class assignments. Each publication comes out once a year in the spring with deadline dates in February. Anyone connected with Butler may submit work for either publication. Work is chosen on the basis of quality and space available. Activity scholarships which cover tuition (equivalent to that paid by Kansas residents) and books are available each semester for staff of The Quill. Students need not major in English or mass communications.

For more information contact:
John Jenkinson Quill/Scan Advisor/English Instructor
(316) 322-3347 or 733-3347 from the Wichita/metro area