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Written by David Lippman, Pierce College; based on Javaview by Konrad Polthier, Zuse Institute, Berlin

Helpful shortcuts:

To get the planes "Implicit Surface"  x*y*z=0 (increase discr)
Rotate the graph Grab it with the mouse and move it
Bounds | Use Clip Bounds
 helps fit graph into window if you have a singularity (function goes to infinity)
Zoom Fit   
 helps fit graph into window if you don't have a singularity
right click on surface | New window
 resize this window
for full-screen picture
ctrl m | check "transparency"
make surface transparent
Hold down z key and the left mouse button; as you roll the mouse, the size changes
 zoom in and out
shift j
 lighting on and off
shift x
 axes on and off
right click on surface | Rotate, orbit
 normal mode to drag graph
discr changes smoothness, but draws slower
Edges uncheck "Show Edges" to get rid of cross section lines

Be careful about changing discr too quickly; higher values slow down the drawing.
Your graphing window must be active and your mouse in the window for some of these to work.
If nothing happens, try hitting the Stop or Start button to refresh the display.

If you are doing several surfaces:
You have to do this for each surface; you can't go back once you have drawn another.
To get smoother intersections: shift z (this may slow the drawing some)
Remove Selected  removes the selected surface from Select Existing
To see through surfaces: ctrl m | check transparency

Special effects:
Parameters- adjust the surface shape with the sliders: Example - Implicit Surface:   x^2/a^2 - y^2/b^2 + z^2 = 1
Animations - use time as a variable: Example - Implicit Surface:   x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = time

To save your picture:

Print Screen on your keyboard; then paste into Paint or some other program.

Available functions (always use lower case variables):

Misc. Math * is multiply; / is divide; ^ is power; abs(x); unit step function Ua(x) = (1+sign(x-a))/2
Log and exponential exp(x);  natural log = log(x); base 10 log = log(x)/2.303
Root (x>=0 only) sqrt(x) or x^0.5; cube root = x^(1/3)...
Trig cos(x); sin(x); tan(x);atan(x); acot(x); acos(x); asin(x)
Hyperbolic Trig sinh(x); cosh(x); coth(x); asinh(x); acosh(x); atanh(x); acoth(x)

Sample expressions:

3*x^2 + sin(abs(y^3))


2*(1+sign(x-3)) + acot(y)

y^(1/4)*exp(sqrt(x)) + log(x/y)

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