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Written by David Lippman, Pierce College; based on Javaview by Konrad Polthier, Zuse Institute, Berlin

Available functions: (always use lower case variables)

Misc. Math * is multiply; / is divide; ^ is power; abs(x); unit step function Ua(x) = (1+sign(x-a))/2
Log and exponential exp(x);  natural log = log(x); base 10 log = log(x)/2.303
Root (x>=0 only) sqrt(x) or x^0.5; cube root = x^(1/3)...
Trig cos(x); sin(x); tan(x);atan(x); acot(x); acos(x); asin(x)
Hyperbolic Trig sinh(x); cosh(x); coth(x); asinh(x); acosh(x); atanh(x); acoth(x)

Sample expressions:




x^(1/4)*exp(sqrt(x) + log(x))

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