Version 1.30b2

Please be patient while your browser is loading Surface Plotter classes.

Hints for using Surface Plotter:

Surface plotter plots an explicitly defined function z = f(x,y).

All multiplications must use *.

<- draws the function.
Options | Show xy ticks and | Show z ticks puts axes.
Options | gray scale gives a nice picture. You can drag the function around using your left mouse button.
Options | Contour plot gives level curves.
See Help menu in the applet to look up all functions

Here are some examples:

z=x^2 + y^2

z= cos(x*y)/(x*y)

z = exp(x^2 - y^2)

z = if (x>0,x+y,0)

z = if(x <= 0, if(x = 0, 0, -1), 1) (sign function)

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