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Memorial Gifts and Gift Books

Annually the L. W. Nixon Library collection is further enriched by the new books that are donated. These are memorial books, honoring a loved one who has passed away, or gift books, commemorating a special event in the life of a family member or friend. To arrange to place a memorial or gift book with the L. W. Nixon Library, please contact the library by e-mail at mayers@butlercc.edu, phone El Dorado (316)322-3234, Wichita/metro area(316)733-3234 or fax (316)322-3315.

Memorial Books
Gift Books
Honor Books
Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Lloyd Dean Weeks
Father of Mark Weeks
West Side Story as Cinema: the Making and Impact of an American Masterpiece.
Cliff Tillett (Former Math Adjunct)
Father of Stephanie Mill
What the Best College Students Do.
Betty Diver
Mother of Stacey Wood
Behind the Scenes at Downton Abby.
C.D Dunbar
Father-in-law of Sheryle Dunbar
The Son.
Clarence Kerns
Father of Mary Spoon
Freedom National: the Destruction of Slavery in the United States.
Velma Jean Rorie
Mother of Ronda Holt
The New Democrats and the Return to Power.
Velma Jean Rorie
Mother of Ronda Holt
Mediterranean Cooking: the Culinary Institute of America.
Geraldine "Jerry" Cheney
Mother of Joyce Millard
Glitter and Glue.
Dorothy "Dort" Ann Busby Main
Mother of Jennifer Callaway; Grandmother of Kelsey Sundgren
A Garden of Marvels.


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Noah Flynn Beasley
Infant son of John & Kelly Beasley
A Perfect Day.
Annabelle Howard
Mother of Pat Cummings
Consider the Fork: a History of How We Cook & Eat.
Methyl Waldie
Mother of Jana Garrison
The Bronte Sisters.
Richard G. Hull Sr.
Father-in-law of Carol Hull
The Elements: a Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom.
Tracy Miller
Brother of Nancy Daw
The World Until Yesterday.
Chuck Little
Father of Cherri & Cheryl Dowell
The Civil War: the Second Year Told by Those Who Lived It.
Glen Butler
Father of Susie Edwards
The Age of Edison.
Lester Douglas “Doug” Nixon
Husband of Marlene Nixon
Came Men on Horses: the Conquistador Expeditions of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado and Don Juan de Onate.
Darrel Moore
Father of Meredith Helton
On the Map.
Mark Baker
Son of Tammy Baker
Masters of the Planet.
Clara Johnson
Grandmother of Kara Johnson
The Dust Bowl: an Illustrated History.

Cleo Welty Rohr
Mother of Elmer & Rose Rohr
Out of Order: Stories form the History of the Supreme Court.
Buford "Coach" Pringle
Father of Buford & Linda Pringle
The Signal and the Noise.
Barbara Jenkinson
Mother of John Jenkinson
How Literature Saved my Life.
Fred Webb Jr.
Husband of Marlene Webb
Ike's Bluff: President Eisenhower's Secret Battle to Save the World.
Opal "Faye" Wilson
Mother of Dawn Gardner & Mike Wilson
Planting: a New Perspective.
Norma Edwards
Grandmother of Amy Kerschner
Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History Making Race Around the World.
Deborah Winquist
Sister of Nancy Brown
The Quilt Walk.
Jeff Tomlinson
Husband of Rita Tomlinson
Bunker Hill: a City, a Siege, A Revolution.
Darryn Dwane Moore
Brother of Teri VanDever
Time Reborn.
Cletus Mabe
Father-in-law of Dee Mabe
The Civil War of 1812.
Adrian Fair
Father-in-law of Joyce Millard
Balance: the Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America.
Dawn Pruitt
Daughter of Don & Lois Pruitt
Federico Barocci: Renaissance Master of Color and Line.
Steve Pershall
Husband of Edith Waugh
Our Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor: the Forging of American Independence.
David Adams
Father of Donna Adams–Zimmerman
Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal.
Terry Crone
Father of Lorna Jester
Thinking in Numbers.
Rondald Morrison
How : Why How We Do Anything Means Everything.
Captain Nganiwe Kalinga
Father of Twambe Kerstetter
Knocking on Heaven's Door.
Jean Homori
Sister of Dr. Jackie Vietti
The Science Delusion: Asking the Big Question in an Age of Easy Answers.
Shirley Chastain
Grandmother of Jade Allen
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.
Larry Bailey
Brother of Carol Hull
The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.
Mary Lou Mills
Mother-in-Law of Anita Mills
The Trauma of Everyday Life.
Francis "Frank" Wilson, Jr.
Father of Carrie Humphries
Jim Henson: the Biography.
Norma Lawrence
Mother of Rodger Lawrence
One Summer: America, 1927.
Molly Diane Mann
Daughter of Betty Criss
Phyllis Carolyn Choate Southard
Mother of Melody Choate
Why Teach: in Defense of a Real Education.
Thomas D. Anderson
Brother of Wava Craft
22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversation with the World's Foremost Thinkers.
Sandra Jean Robinson
Sister of Joyce Millard
Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas.
Clara Hayslett
Mother of Cindy Miles
The Good Struggle.
June Krull
Mother-in-law of Dr. Kimberly Krull
500 Cake & Cookie Decorations.
David Longfellow
Husband of Shirley Longfellow
Four Seasons of Travel. (National Geographic)
Miriam Ely
Grandmother of Lisa Schmidt
Book of Ages: the Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin.
Virgil Regehr
Grandfather of Lisa Schmidt
Special Operations During the American Revolution.
Donald Hodges
Father of Sonya Sullivan
Learning from Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius.

From: Jim Gautier

For: Title
In Memory of
Ruth Gautier
Grizzly Growl 1951.


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Mavis Lee Park
Mother of Denise Lakous
Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It.
Millie Lister
Mother of Karen Tones
The Atlantic Coast: a Natural History.
Melba Fechter
Mother of Ruth and Dany Fechter
The Art of Pixar.
Dr. Roger N. Joyce
Brother of Dr. Gregory P. Joyce
Just Ride.
Lois Maxine Bohrer
Mother of Mike Bohrer
The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness.
Billy Quincy McCray
Father of Representative Melody McCray Miller
Mr. President: How and Why the Founders Created a Chief Executive.
Faye Comb
Mother of Gary and Jeannine Royse
Tutankhamen: The Search for an Egyptian King.
John Francis
Husband of Vicki Francis
Dream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After Loss.
Ronnie Warren
Brother of Brian Warren
The Art of Robert Frost.
Donald R. Robinson
Father of Alan Robinson
The Blood of Heroes: The 13- Day Struggle for the Alamo.
Brittany Marie Wilson
Niece of Becky Wolfe
Imaging: How Creativity Works
Zander Wilson
Grandnephew of Becky Wolfe
Balloons of Broadway
Frank Charles Veeman
Husband of Diana L. Veeman
Pocket Neighborhoods
Bart Gill
Husband of Mary McMackin
Design on Nature.
Billie Jean Rice
Sister–in–law of Kay Rice
Comfort Food Fix.
Rev. Raymond A. Heine
Father–in–law of Meg Heine
Music was it: Young Leonard Bernstein.
Richard Lusk
Father–in–law of Kelli Lusk
Attached: the New Science of Adult Attachment.
Royce O. Bush, Jr.
Father of Randy Bush
A History of the World in 100 Objects.
Ralph L. Carlisle
Father of Nancy & Jon Grange
How to Design a Home.
Marjory Green
Sister of Anne Bilson
Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.
Mary Lou Duncan
Sister of Barb Dankert
Feathers: the Evolution of a Natural Miracle.
Carter J. Zerbe
Husband of Lolita Zerbe
Eisenhower in War & Peace.
Betty J. Moss
Mother of Randy Moss
Elizabeth the Queen: the Life of a Modern Monarch.
Cliff Kerschner
Father of Tonya Kerschner
Native American Food Plants.
James Oscar Howard
Father of Pat Cummings
Empires, Natives and families: a History of the North American West.
Virginia Rice Sowder
Mother of Kay Rice
A History of American Classical Music. (with CD)
Mary Anne Bensen
Mother-in-law of Linda Yates
What the Robin Knows.
Gertrude Josephine (Schetzler) Engelbrecht At Home on the Range: a Cookbook Presented by Elizabeth Gilbert.
In Memory of Bob and Marguerite Lasater Roots of Style: Weaving Together Life, Love and Fashion.
Smart Retail: Practical Winning Ideas and Strategies.
Ellen Anderton
Sister of Loretta Cregan-Thomas
A Little History of the World.
Grace Ann Crabtree Robinson
Mother of Becky Hodges
A Little History of Philosophy.
Shawn Baggett
Son of Ron & Jan Baggett
Portraits of the Prairie.
Marilyn Knudsen
Mother of Joel Knudsen
Amelia Lost: the Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
Julia Belle Patterson
Mother-in-Law of Loretta Patterson
Dearie: the Remarkable Life of Julia Child.
Dorothy Ellis
Mother of Randy Ellis
The Happiness of Pursuit: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About the Good Life.
Milford Boucher
Husband of Jimmie Lu Boucher
Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back.
Charles "Bud" Knowles
Father of Chuck Knowles
Passive Solar Architecture.
Selah Crosby Wheeler
Grand-daughter of Betty & Bob Ziegfeld
Ballerina Swan.
Fred Reno
Husband of Charlene Reno
Quirk: Brain Science.
Martha Wyss
Mother of Loretta Patterson
Holiday Dinners with Bradley Odgen: 150 Festive Recipes for Bringing Family & Friends Together.
Marion L. 'Mel" Ferris
Grandfather of Jessica Ohman
Heisman: the Man Behind the Trophy.
Jan Galloway
Husband of Helen Galloway
The Brain: Big Bangs, Behaviors and Beliefs.
Dr. Garry Brower
Husband of Ruby Brower
The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick, Benoit B. Mandelbrot.
Don Parscal
Husband of Jennie Parscal
The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Defender of the Realm, 1040-1965.
Glenn House
Father of Greg House
Wesley Eugene Ellis
Father of Randy Ellis
Always Looking: Essay on Art.
Rachel Day Wheeler
Daughter of Betty & Bob Ziegfeld
Voices Left Behind.
Donna Angleton
Grandmother of Jessica Mitchell
The Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature.
Floyd McCall
Father of Connie Craft
Thomas Jefferson: the Art of Power.
Gary Mills
Brother-in-law of Anita Mills
Yes Ma'am, No Sir: the 12 Essential Steps for Success in Life by Coach Carter.
Debra Ann Wolf
Always Looking: Essay on Art.
De Lynn Jarvis
Mother of Mark Jarvis
How I Became a Pirate.
Debra Moore
Sister-in-law of Roger Mathews
Wheel Throwing: Ceramics for Beginners.
Gayle Krause
Father-in-law of Peggy Krause
The Math Book: from Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics.
Curtis Fulton
Father of Jeanna Short
1775: a Good Year for Revolution.

From: Butler Community College Foundation

For: Title
In Memory of Mary Lou Duncan Social Construction and Social Work Practice
In Memory of Frank Gaines One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game.
The Honorable Franklin D. Gaines
Husband of Beverly Gaines
December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World.
Janet Reynolds
Mother of Lana Ryan
Bible (New Jerusalem Version)
Mary Lou "Sally" Reeves
Wife of Jim Reeves
Alaska: A History.
Bobby McDonald
Son of Linda & Joe Glassman
Toward a Better Life.

From: Dal Symes and Michael Kelly

For: Title
In Memory of Bob and Marguerite Lasater Creative Careers in Fashion
Gentlemen: a Timeless Guide to Fashion.
High Style: Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection.
In Fashion: From Runway to Retail.
In Memory of Bob and Marguerite Lasater
Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get
People Talking?

From: Friends, Learning Resources Division

For: Title
In Memory of Jayla Haag
Great-granddaughter of Brian and Sue Beattie
Toes, Ears, and Nose.
Where is Baby‘s Belly Button?
Where is Baby‘s Mommy?
What a Good Kitty.
Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile.
Zoe Gets Ready.
Madeleine‘s Light.
Lost in the Woods.
Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?
Homer the Library Cat.
Plant a Little Seed.
Z is for Moose.
Mirror, Mirror.
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.
The Cat‘s Pajamas.
How Rocket Learned to Read.
Duck Sock Hop.
What I Do With Vegetable Glue.

From: Butler Community College Life Enrichment

For: Title
In Memory of
Dorothy Nickel
Hidden America.


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Lloyd V. Brown
Father of Rod Brown
The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World.
Vivian Corriveau
Mother of Victoria & Jeff Corriveau
The Annotated Peter Pan: the Centennial Edition.
Gerald "Jerry" L. Weaver
Father of Stewart Weaver
Into the Blue.
Rosie Mae Sader
Mother of Terry Sader
The Twenty-Four Hour Mind.
Clarence Lee "Pete" Frakes
Grandfather of Casey Edmondson
Natural History: the Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth.
Janice "Sharon" Barlow Hablinski
Sister of Martha Enlow
The Swerve: How the World Became Modern.
Robert "Bob" Morgan
Husband of Sue Morgan
Midnight Rising.
Gwendolyn Elsie Matthews
Mother of Marshall Matthews
Enchanted Huntress: the Power of Stories in Childhood.
Doug Mould
Father of Richard, Ciara & Geoffrey Mould
My Family Table.
Vilma Erwin
Mother of Tom Erwin
The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry.
Sen T. Truong
Mother of Gaileen Nguyen
Inside Out & Back Again.
Albertine (Teen) Bauerly
Grandmother of Paula Branizor
The Social Animal: the Hidden Source of Love, Character, & Achievement.
Bill Trent
Husband of Barbara Trent
Colonel Roosevelt.
Clare Patterson, Jr.
Brother of Dalton & Sonja Patterson
William Morris: Artist, Craftsman, and Pioneer.
Curtis Wade
Grandfather of Jennifer Steinkamp
Hearts Touched by Fire.
Donald Donley
Brother of Deane Donley
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris.
Ardelia Ferris
Grandmother of Jessica Ohman
Praire Dogs: Communication and Community.
Frances Pacitti
Mother of Theresa Pacitti
Christianity: the First Three Thousand Years.
Coach Gene Arnold
Husband of Doris Arnold
Unbroken: a WWII Story of Survival, Resilience & Redemption.
Gene Valentine
Brother of Ken Valentine
No Small Matter: Science on the Nano Scale.
Janice Sue Marcum
Mother of Elizabeth Martin, Sharon Marcum, Susanne Bargainear
Christianity: the First Three Thousand Years.
Jim Boehm
Brother of Dewain & Jan Boehm
What Language Is.
Judith Burris
Daughter of Patricia & Herbert Bevan, Jr.
Wonders of the Universe.
Judy Dowlin
Grandmother of Jevin Horkavy
When Everything Changed.
Keith Martin
Father of Kerri & Marv Loucks
John F. Kennedy & the Race to the Moon.
Kip Albright
Son of Ted and JoAnn Albright
America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation.
Lewis Lee Duncan
Father of Kathy Rickard
Cooking with Bonnie: Farm to France.
Martha Oehm
Mother of John Oehm
Vanished Smile: the Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa.
Mary B. Webster
Mother of Judy Abraham
The View for Great Dixter.
Mary Elizabeth Hoelting
Mother of Neal Hoelting
Louisa May Alcott: A Personal Biography.
Myrtle Defore
Mother of Chuck Defore
1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created.
Patricia Ryan
Mother-in-law of Lana Ryan
Ballet Companion.
Phil Pell
Husband and father of Marcie and Nathan
American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.
Ramona Wallert
Mother of Teresa Thompson
Good and Beautiful God.
Rocky Fund
Husband of Linda Fund
Running Dry: a Journey from Source to Sea Down the Colorado River.
Sharon Riddle
Step-Mother of Scott Riddle
All About Love.
Shirley Bowan
Mother of Cindy Schoffstall
Ideas that Matter.
Troy Doyal
Father of Karen Karst
Great American Cities: Past and Present.
Troy W. McAfee
Father of Melinda McAfee
Grand Design: Strategy and the U.S. Civil War.
Tyson Weishaar
Grandson of Milford Boucher
Space: a Visual Encyclopedia.
Virginia Prather
Mother of Helen & Greg Joyce
Surviving Against the Odds.
William "David" Horton II
Son of Karen & Jim Gallagher
The Beginning of Infinity, Explanations that Transform the World.
Zachariah Gabriel Nelson
Son of Jay & Rahna Nelson
Enchanted Glass.
Maurice Valentine
Father of Ken Valentine
The Power of Pull.
Judith Burris
Daughter of Patricia & Herbert Bevan, Jr.
Wonders of the Universe.
Charles "Jack" Orr
Father-in-law of Doug Pierce
Learning to Communicate in Science and Engineering.
Dustin Demo
Son of Dan & Joyce Demo
Destiny of the Republic

From: Micaela Ayers

For: Title
In Memory of Verlee Adam Jerusalem: The Biography.

From: Mary Davidson

For: Title
In Memory of Dr. Billie Lee Trents Oxford American Handbook.

From: Jim and Susie Edwards

For: Title
In Memory of Evelyn Edwards Safe Haven.

From: Susan Howell

For: Title
In Memory of Arlene Scribner Change Your Thinking, Change Your World.
In Memory of Ralph Popp Grandpa's Tractor.

From: Julius Mercer (author)

For: Title
In Memory of David Kohls A New Fire in You..

From: Bob Stanley

For: Title
In Memory of Pat Stanley Grizzly Growl 1958.


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Loraine Ekis
Mother-in-law of Diana Van Dyke
The Secret of the Old Clock - Nancy Drew - 80th Anniversary Edition.
Dr. Rodney Cox - former Butler President
Husband of Joyce Faye Cox
Three Cups of Tea.
Glen Sandefur
Uncle of Dr. Leann Ellis
The Hawk and the Dove.
Dick Pearce
Husband of Norma Pearce
Hunger for the Wild.
Russ Griffith
Step-father of Sonja Milbourn
The Greatest Manuals in Sports.
Keith Burdine
Father of Rita Luna
What Goes On: Selected and New Poems, 1995-2009
Elsy Escalante
Sister of Nelson Escalante
The Whale: in Search of the Giants of the Sea.
Rea Newlin
Mother of Cindy Bond
The Power of Half.
Mandi Thornburg
Niece of Mike Schweigert
Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer.
Rebecca Kitch
Sister of Bob Ramsey
The Encyclopedia of Writing & Illustrating Children's Books.
Gail Tackett-Gwinup
Sister-in-Law and Aunt of Doug Gwinup & Rhonda Gwinup
Love is the Higher Law.
Janice Webster
Stepmother of Allen Webster
Plant-driven Design: Creating Gardens
Fred Hiser
Father of Rod Hiser
Lifeline for Money Misfortunes: How to overcome Life's Greatest Challenges.
Leanne Bietch
Sister-in-Law of Mary Spoon

Reading in the Brain.

George Fahnestock
Husband of Dee Ann Fahnestock
The Best Plays, theater Yearbook 2007-2008.

Lloyd McGinley
Father of Jared McGinley

Justin: What's the Right Thing to Do?

Phil Hudson
Brother of Cindy McGraw

The "Beagle" Letters of Charles Darwin.
Isabelle Ferrell
Mother of Pete Ferrell

The Real Wizard of Oz: the Life & Times of L. Frank Braum.-

Clifford Stone
Father of Sam Stone & Sue Hunter

The Remains of Company D: a Story of the Great War.

Melvin Clark
Father of Sheryl Hayes
One Citizen's Constitution: an Annotated Guide.
Bill Craft
Father-in-law of Connie Craft
A Journey Through Literary America.
Rick Fresh
Husband of Gina Austin-Fresh
This is Not the Story You Think it is.
Fannie Elizabeth Pringle
Mother of Buford Pringle
Lincoln at Peoria: the Turning Point.
Betty Weber
Mother-in-law of Ron Newlin
Mrs. Adams in winter: a journey in the last days of Napoleon.
Herbert Lowrance
Father-on-law of Pat Lowrance
The Male Brain.
Carol McAdoo
Sister of Connie Langhofer
Pastry: Savory & Sweet.
Clyde Hiebert
Husband of Betty Hiebert
Little Pink House.
Pauline Wetta
Mother of Linda Waplehurst
Empire of Liberty.
Diana Walker
Sister of Jim Edwards
China's Megatrends.
Ron Lee Langhofer
Brother & Brother-in-law of Connie Langhofer & Jan Jack
Pulitzer: a Life in Politics Print and Power
Shirley Hogeboom
Wife of Albert Hogoboom
The Box from Braunau : in Search of my Father's War.
Dr. Wendell Waldie
Father of Jana Garrison
The Language of Life.
Shirley Hogoboom
Wife of Albert Hogoboom
The Box from Braunau.
Charles Lucien Gray III
Brother of Dorothy Gray
Not Without Hope
Bob Conners
Husband of Willa Conners
Appetite for America
Forrest Webster
Father of Allen Webster
Instinctive Parenting
Louise Adams
Mother of Felix Adams
Helping College Students Find Purpose
Melissa Ann (Towne) Shild
Sister of Daughter-in law Connie Craft
Borrowed Names... Poems
Franklin Blansatt
Step-father of Willena Beemer
One more theory about Happiness
Vivian Kate Ragsdale
Granddaughter of Rex Wilson
Toys Go Out
Virginia Ann Price
Sister-in-law of Donna Whiteside
Sauces Cookbook.
Mac Hay
Father of Kim Murry
Woodrow Wilson: A Biography
Patricia Dunfee
Mother of Thomas Diener
Whole Grain Baking
Ric Speers
Father of Rachelle Wertenberger
Hubble: A Journey Through Space and Time
Roy Wallert
Father of Teresa Thompson
Ozma of Oz

Gene Tetrick
Father-in-law of Mandy Tetrick

The Modern Century

Charles Van Dever
Father-in-law of Teri Van Dever

The American Civil War

Gladys White
Grandmother of Teri Van Dever

Do One Nice Thing

Darlene Peterson
Wife of Jerry Peterson

Tennesee Williams: Plays 1937-1955

Oral Taylor
Husband of Glenda Taylor

Baseball Americana: Treasures from the Library of Congress

Dorothy Mack
Mother of Valerie and Tom Mack

A Kansas Year

Janice Hanna
Wife of Bill Hanna

Years of Dust: The Story of the Dust Bowl

Bill Allen
Father-in-law of Kirsten Allen

The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift & America’s Finest Hour

Jim Hittle, former Trustee of Butler Community College
Husband of Bonnie Hittle

Hero Found

Tony Engelbrecht
Father of Ron Engelbrecht

Crisis on campus: a Bold Plan of Reforming Our Colleges and Universities

Bob Taylor
Father of Mitch Taylor

Theodore Roosevelt’s History of the United States

Judy Badway
Mother of Nick Badway

The Story of Graphic Design

Vivian “Jean” Domann
Mother of Janice Jones

Saving Leonardo

Dale Whiteside
Husband of Donna Whiteside

The Baseball Codes

Stacy Runion
Brother of Rhonda Landsverk

One Million Things

Margaret Buress Hunnicutt
Mother of Susan Balman

The Children’s Book

Mary Carol Barlow
Mother of Martha Enlow

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable

Arnold Frederking
Father of Laura Hamlin

Churchill's Empire

Joseph Glotzbach
Husband of Carol Glotzbach

They Made America: From the Steam Engine to the Search Engine

Virginia Cyphers
Grandmother of Amy Cyphers

Storyteller: the Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl

Marie Schultz
Mother of Verda Converse

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

Don Feller
Husband of Mary Feller

The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen

George Laham, Sr.
Father of George Laham

The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

Rolly Dean Boucher
The brother of Milford Boucher

Five steps for overcoming fear and self-doubt.

Bonnie Hatch
the grandmother of Micaela Ayers

Old farm.

Mike Vietti
the brother of Ray & Jackie Vietti

A Secret gift: history of the great depression.

Danny Steinkamp
the father of Shane & Jennifer Steinkamp and Chad and Eslie Steinkamp

The Price of altruism: George Price and the search for the origins of kindness

From: Don Koke

For: Title
In Memory of William H. Walker Choreographing Identities.

From: Eleanor Crank's Family

For: Title
Eleanor Crank Painting Miniatures
Watercolor in Bloom
Watercolor Fast and Loose
Painting More Than the Eye Can See
Learn to Paint
Intimate Landscape
Frames and Framing
Decorative Gilding
Gilding and Lacquering
The Encyclopedia Of Picture Framing Techniques
The New Creative Artist
How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself
Learn to Paint Birds in Watercolour
Painting Watercolor Portraits that Glow
The Ultimate Stencil Book
Recipes For Surfaces
Making & Decorating Your Own Paper
Marble Designs
Painted Furniture Decorating Ideas & Projects
Looking at Indian Art of The Northwest Coast
Chiefly Feasts
Spirit and Ancestor
Celtic Motifs
Royal Tombs of Sipan
Altered Books Workshop
Mediaeval Folk in Painting
The Craft of Paper Cutting
Paper Creations
Treasures of The Kazakh Steppes
Sticks and Stones (Series, New Crafts)
Tinwork (Series, New Crafts)
Animals: A Picture Sourcebook
Watercolor Secrets
Passionate Brushstrokes
Rediscovering Paper Mache

From: Sheryle Dunbar

For: Title
In Memory of Lance Heilmann Roget’s International Thesaurus
In Memory of David Kuttler The Printed Picture


From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Saxton Haselwood
Son of Randy & Rebecca Haselwood
Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life.
Rodney Hollis
Husband of Jerre Hollis
Strengths Based Leadership.
Jessie Metzger
Father of Daniel Gorman
Making it all Work.
Wanda Dillmon
Wife of Keith Dillmon
How Language Works: how Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning and Words Live or Die.
Billy Burke
Father of Dr. Tom Burke (President of Kansas City Kansas College)
American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House.

Lola Knackstedt
Grandmother of Christy Rittle

Olive Kitteridge.

Sylvia Simpkins
Mother of Ida Mae (Simpkins) Benton

3:16: the Numbers of Hope.

A.T. “Jack” Jacobelli
Father-in-law of Linda Jacobelli

The Thoreau you don't know.

Joseph Guy Ayers
Father of James and Micaela Ayers

An Unofficial companion to the novels of Terry Prachett.

Dr. Douglas Hoyle
Brother of Wayne Hoyle

A Passion for nature: the life of John Muir.

Evelyn Edwards
Mother of Jim Edwards

Madame President 1901-1805: Nellie Fairbanks.

Analisa Jannie Rodriquez
Infant daughter of Adrian & Christy Rodriquez

Cynthia Rylant's Snow ( a children's book)

Roy Long, Sr.
Father-in-Law of Teresa Long

Animals make us human.

Bayleigh Stovall
Daughter of Ashlie Jack

The Best plays: theater yearbook 2002-2003.

Etolia “Toby” Siegrist
Mother of Linda &  Buford Pringle

Great peacemakers: true stories from around the world.

Kyle Parson
Cousin to Mrs. Sharon Rogers

Paul Klee, poet/painter.

John Barlow
Father of Martha Enlow

The Illustrated man.

Mildred “Mini” Wolfe
Mother of Mike Fatkin

The Underneath.

Phyllis Peterson
Mother of Bob Peterson

The Best plays of 2000-2001.

In memory of Robert Cornell
Father of Norm Cornell

Weather matters.

In memory of Norma Foster
Mother of Sheryle Dunbar

The guide to Kansas birds and birding hot spots.

In memory of Dawn Helmer
Sister of Mike Helmer

The nature of Kansas lands.

In memory of Howard Knaussman
Father of Karla Duran

Showing up for life: thoughts on the gifts of a life at home.

In memory of Howard Knaussman
Father of Karla Duran

Basketball philosophy: thinking outside the paint.

In memory of Jim McCauley
Father-in-law of Martina McCauley

Finding Oz: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story.

In memory of Representative Kenneth Green
Husband of Marjory Green

The Blue Sweater.

In memory of Devin Burress
Daughter of Jeb and Lee Ann Burress

Play: how it shapes the Brain, opens the Imagination, and invigorates the soul.

In memory of William (Bill) Kirkpatrick
Husband of Betty Kirkpatrick

10-10-10: 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years - a life-transforming idea.

In memory of Nick Fleming
Son of Terry and Karen Fleming

The legend of Sigurd and Gudrun.

In memory of Elmo Nash
Father of Sue Potter

Franklin's thrift: the lost history of an American virtue.

In memory of Thomas A. Nevills
Husband of Janice Nevills

My Father's tears.

In memory of Gladys Heald
Mother of Robert Broyles, Jr.

Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of crafts.

In memory of Chris Corbin
Son of Betty and David Corbin

Strategies that promote student engagement.

In memory of Bill Pickering
Husband of Margaret Pickering

An edible history of humanity.

In memory of Joy Watson
Sister of Romona Green

Understanding perennials: a new look at an old favorite.

In memory of Dalin Schowalter
Husband of Karen Schowalter

Hometown appetites: The story of Clemintine Paddleford.

In memory of Ralph Schulte
Father-in-law of Steve Cless

American Bee: the National Spelling Bee.

In memory of Gay Isom
Wife of Ollie Isom

The best American poetry 2009.

In memory of Louella Harp
Grandmother of Mike Helmer

The National Parks: America's best idea.

In memory of Vearl Fager
Father-in-law of Galen Evans

Poseidon's Steed: the story of seahorses.

In memory of William Kemple
Grandfather of Karen Shephard

Pictorial Webster's.

In memory of Lucille Ferguson
A Benefactor of Butler Community College

The Philosophical baby.

Vickie (Cochrane) Mower
Wife of Russ Mower

Artfully Done: Across Generations.

Gary McEachern
Husband of Suzanne McEachern

The Age of Wonder.

Mary Moon
Mother-in-law of Mary Moon

Jane Goodall: Hope for Animals and Their World.

Evan Coen
Grandson of Cindy Miles

Peter and the Sword of Mercy.

Keith Anderson
Father of Sue Williams

Rocket Man: the Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon.

Wanda Mae Henn
Grandmother of Amy Kerschner

The Garden Primer.

Charles Long
Father-in-law of Vicki Long

Critical Insights: the Tale of Edgar Allan Poe.

Jack Hamilton
Husband of Karen Hamilton

The Book of the Shepherd.

Lucy Jondel
Mother of Dennis Anderson

The Right Decision.

Robert Rogers
Father-in law of Sharon Rogers

The Road to Oz.

Gladys Coffman
Grandmother of Teressa & Jeff Eastman

The Fourth Part of the World.

Robert Saferite
Husband, Father, Grandfather of Evelyn Saferite, Stan Seymour, Jennifer Steinkamp

Hell Hawks: the Untold Story of the American Fliers who Savaged Hitler's Wehrmacht.

From: Chris and Susan Howell

For Title

In memory of Larry T. McCoy

Big Joe's trailer truck.

From: Sonja Milbourn's Butler Student Connect Class of Fall 2009

For Title

In Memory of Whitney Young

Bass Ackwards & Belly Up.

Bicycle Diaries.

Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven.

Young Traveler's Gift: 7 Decisions that Determine Personal Success.

SKA Guitar. (with CD)

SKa'd for Life: a Personal Journey.



From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Korey Howell
Son of Wilma Howell/Brother-in-law of Susan Howell
Notes from a Classroom: Reflections in Teaching.
Harry Koslowsky
Husband of Theodora Koslowsky
By Hook or by Crook: a Journey in Search of English.
Lisa Wilson Ragsdale
Daughter of Rex Wilson
The Making of a Story: a Norton Guide to Creative Writing.
Bryant Mackey
Husband of Marie Mackey
Here if You Need Me.
Chad Barhnart
Brother of Crystal Crank
What's Out There: Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe.
Roy Payne
Father-in-Law of Brett Anborm
Time & Materials: Poems, 1997-2005, A National Book Award Winner.
Mrs. Duncan
Mother of Marv Duncan
The Book of Psalms

Lawrence "Dewey" Vandegrift
Father of Stacia Pickrell

The American Dream.

Randi Ward
Father-in-law of Heather Ward.
The Perils of Peace: America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown.

Clarence Clary

Father of Mary Moon

The War : an Intimate History.

Brian Zerbe
Son of Carter & Lolita Zerbe

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Lois Kuhns
Mother of Rob Kuhns

An Uncertain Inheritance: Writers on Caring of Family.

Betty McAdoo
Mother of Connie Langhofer

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven.

Wayne Farmer
Husband of Nancy Farmer

Maps: Finding our Place in the World.

Robert Donley
Father of Dane Donley

How Mathematicians Think.

Darin Enlow
Father-in-law of Martha Enlow

Herman Melville: Bloom's Classic Critical Views.

David Daw
Father-in-law of Nancy Daw

No-man's Land: One Man's Odyssey Through the Odyssey.

Jimmie Angel
Brother of Susan Duncan

Vital Friends.

Johnny Lee
Brother of Connie Finger

The Art of William Steig.

Beverly Hess
Grandmother of Carri Waters

Minding the Dream: the Process and Practice of the American Community College.

Dr. Robert F. Clarke
Father of Linda Clarke

Kansas in the Great Depression: Work, Relief, the Dole and Rehabilitation.

Jacob Byfield
Son of Kevin & Stacy Byfield (late Lisa Byfield)

The Night Before Christmas.

Wayne Farmer Jr.
Father-in-law of Nancy Farmer

An Open Book.

Leland Bilson
Brother of Anne Bilson

How Math Explains the World.

Maxine Nicks
Grandmother of Teresa Eastman

Cartographia: Mapping Civilization.

Bill Perry
Father of Regina Austin Fresh

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments.

Eldon Howell
Grandfather of Kris & Susan Howell

Plays by Clyde Fitch.

Jessie Wright
Sister of Judy Ireland

The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh.

Alice Fay Smith
Mother of Melba Cook

What is Emotion?

Darrel Erikson
Husband of Sue Erikson

The Billionaire's Vinegar.

Pat Stanley
Wife of Bobby Stanley

Textile Designs: Two Hundred Years.

Wayne Bogart
Father of Earlene Bogart

Novel Destinations.

Margaret May Wheeler
Mother of Lorrie Crumley

Last-minute Knitted Gifts.

Ron Syers
Husband of Laurie Syers

Final Salute.

Howard Eugene Bazil
Father of Linda Jacobelli

The Farther Shore.

Dorothy Gard
Mother of Ed Gard

The Boy Who was Raised by Librarians.

Sherry Bowman Kragh
Mother of Kendra & Krista Kragh

Looking for Anne of Green Gables.

Joe Avery
Husband of Donna Avery

Survival of Rural America.

Virginia Anderson
Sister of Lonnie Snook

A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World.

Adolf Reisig
Father of Alexis Reisig-Hopkins

The Lost Saranac Interviews: Forgotten Conversation with Famous Writers.

Molisssa Bilson
Sister-in-law of Anne Bilson and Dee Cannon

Praying: Finding our way Through Duty to Delight.

Mollie Bilson
Niece of Anne Bilson and Dee Cannon

Children's Literature: a Reader's History.



From: Butler Community College

For: Title
Dr. Terry Hetrick
Father of Bob Hetrick
Love or the Land: Essential Farm & Conservation Readings from an American Golden Age 1880-1920.

Willard "Bud" Hughes

Father of Terri Courter

The Varieties of Scientific Experience.

Harry Patterson

Father-in-Law of Loretta Patterson

No Shortcuts to the Top.

Virginia Fritzler

Mother of Dana Crawford

The Bon Appetite Cookbook.

Margie Ann Reed

Mother of Linda Jolly

Saving Graces.

Kathleen Marie Manley

Mother of Pat Lowrance

Bird-by-Bird  Gardening.

Connie Ruark

Wife of Tony Ruark

Pushcart Prize 31: Best of the Small Press.

Perry G. Walker

Father of Judy Bazil

George III: America's Last King.

Anna Mary McCune

Mother-in-Law of Sherrell King

Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening.

Steve Smith

Son of Harold Smith

Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Fathers.

Marjory O'Conner

Mother-in-law of Maggie Smith

Jane Goodall: The Woman who Redefined Man.

Velma North

Butler Golden Grizzly Volunteer

The Cave Painters.

Katie Cox-Fry
Daughter of Dale & Tammy Cox

Hattie Big Sky.

Linzie Williams
Father of Kent Williams

World as Laboratory: Experiments with Mice, Mazes and Men.

Deborah Watson Peterson
Sister-in-law of Laura Albert

Ending Poverty in America.

Rex Oehm
Father of John Oehm

Life Magazine: Platinum Anniversary Collection

Evelyn Albert
Mother-in-law of Laura Albert

The Mind According to Shakespeare.

Marjorie Brown
Mother of Alan Brown

Letters of E.B. White.

Bernadine Murry
Mother of Tom Murry

The Road to Jerusalem.

Donna Domann Hayes
Sister of Janice Jones

20th Century Glass.

Douglas VanDyke
Brother-in-Low of Diana VanDyke

Bird Songs.

Fern Erickson
Mother of Jan VanNote

Edith Wharton.

Kenneth Smith
Father-in-Law of Rhonda Smith
Grandfather-in-Law of Kerri Smith

Empire of Blue Water.

Charlie Myers
Son of Marc Myers

Robbing the Bees: a Biography of Honey.

Loen Ault
Husband of Rev. Karen Ault
Brother-in-Law to Edith Waugh &
Steve Pershall

The Black Swan: the Impact of the Highly Improbable.

Mary Checots
Mother of Don Checots

The Road Washes Out in Spring: a Poet's Memoir of Living Off the Grid.

Christian W. Stevens
Brother of Monica Huntzinger

The Hidden Life of Art: Secrets and Symbols in Great Masterpieces.

Mike Holub
Husband of Pauline Holub

The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Mack Leroy Long
Brother of Judy Ireland

The Children of Hurin.

Ernie Ogle
Son-in-Law of Chuck Little

The Canon: a Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science.

Mona Saunders
Mother of Betty Corbin

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: a year of food life.

Darrell Knapp
husband of Joyce Knapp

Many Identities, One Nation: the Revolution and it's Legacy in the Mid-Atlantic.

Rusty Davis
Husband of Elvira Davis

Native Guard: Poems.
Zach Porter
Son of Kristina Porter
It's How You Play the Game.

Ruby Collins

Mother of Alisha Maserang

Balance: in Search of the Lost Senses.

Wilford "Will" Garvert

Step-father to Sharon Rogers

Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How They Changed America.

George "Dordie" Waitt, Jr.

Father of Rocky Waitt

The Tree: a Natural History of What Trees are, How They Live, and Why They Matter.

Dr. Terry Hetrick

Father of Gary Hetrick

100 Masterpieces of Painting.

Jenny Masterson

Daughter of John Masterson

(President of Allen County Community College)

Georgia O'Kefe Museum: Celebrating Ten Years, 1997-2007.
David Kohls
Son of Ev Kohls
Games for the Gods: the Greek Athlete & the Olympic Spirit.

Joe Avery

Grandfather of Dustin Avery

You Don't Have to be Famous: How to Write Your Life Story.

LaVerne Renville

Father of Teresa Long

Kindred Spirits: A. B. Durnad's the American Landscapes.

Larry Garber

Brother of Ron Garber

What's sWhat in the Titles of Classical Music and Beyond.

From: Clifford W. Stone

For: Title
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone  The Confident Woman.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Masters of Color and Light.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Teach with Your Heart.
C.J. Connell, Jr. , Esq. American Trial.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Invitation to the Classics.

Wilber E. (Olive Clifford) Stone

Mysteries of the Middle Ages.

Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone

Presidential Courage.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Find your Focus Zone.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Got What it Takes?

From: L.W. Nixon Library Staff

For: Title

Roger Williams

Brother-in-law of Ronda Holt

Sea of Thunder.

Clyde "Bounce" Williams
Granduncle of Juli Willhite

The Victorian Gardner.

From: Friend at Butler

For: Title

Joy K. Choens

Wife of Jiggs Choens

Handbook of Adult Development

Sit and Get: 20 Strategies that Engage the Adult Brain.


From: Clifford W. Stone

For: Title
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone  Living with Art.
Jayma Lea Graham Deal with it: you cannot conquer what you will not confront.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone The Daily Seen.
Wilber E. Stone Oceans of Kansas.
Mrs. Samuel R. (Lucinda Shriver) Clifford The Language of God.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone  Exploring the enexplained.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone  The Hobby Book of Stenciling and Brush Stroke Painting.

From: Butler Community College

For: Title

Myrtle Jones

Mother of Nita Jackson  

Understanding attachment.

Donald Cation

Father of Doug Cation

Henry Adams & the making of America.

Harriet Tabor

Mother of Laura Albert

Kansas Past.

Jayma Graham

Daughter of Jim and Ann Graham

Pitch like a girl: how a woman can be herself and still succeed.

Vivian Musgrave

Mother-in-law of Susan Gilland

Martha Stewart's baking handbook.

John Wright

Father of Kathy Owens

The March.

Rita Wendler

Grandmother of Christina Rollins

The Worst hard time: the story of the Dust Bowl.

John Bohannon

Father of Anita Mills

A Tear in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599.

Pete Weigel

Father of Terry Klenda

Buffalo Bill's America.

Rita Marie Boehm

Mother-in-law of Jan Boehm

Childhood on the Farm.

Francis Cillessen

Uncle of Bill Rinkenbaugh &

Grandfather of Scott Cillessen

Developing the Leaders Around You.
Father of Maggie Smith Melville: His World & Work.

Clint Upchurch

Nephew of Paul Kyle

The Great War for Civilization: the Conquest of the Middle East.

June Hunter

Mother of Julie Wishart

Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy.

Nancy Meyers

Wife of Marc Meyers

Broadway Musicals: the 100 Greatest Shows of All Time.

Josh Bacon

Son of Betty Bacon

Leading Every Day.

Richard Wiens

Brother of Marilyn Wiens Mahan

John Brown to Bob Dole: Movers & Shakers in Kansas History.

Doris Patton

Mother of Dr. Jay Moorman

C.S. Lewis.

Bernice Smith

Mother of Laura Coon

Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier.

Randy Brown

Father of Aaron Brown

Kansas Archeology

Agnes Dolan

Mother of Donna Gorton

The Book of Lost Books.

Norman Craig Willhite

Brother-in-Law of Juli Willhite

Flint Hills Cowboys.

Esther Wilson

Mother of Shirley Lawrence

Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon.

Anna Cutsinger

Mother-in-law of Marla Cutsinger

Women's Roles in the Renaissance.

Donald Kraft

Father of Linda Jolly

Mayflower: a Story of Courage, Community and War.

Buck Moore

Father of Carol Renfro

Stumbling on Happiness.

Bo Wonsetler

Mother of Bernie Wonsetler


Stan Roths

Step-son of DeeAnn Roths

Doc Holliday: the Life and the Legend.

Dana Stewart

Wife of John Stewart

Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Donald Mercer

Father of Deana Turner

The NPRI Listener's Encyclopedia of Classical Music.

David Wessling

Husband of Michelle Wessling

The Things that Matter.

Alfred "Al" Ross

Father of Judy Lawson

Wins, Losses, and Lessons.

Jeanne Miller

Mother of Kandy Miller

The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain.  

LaVada Lambert

Aunt of Dr. Leanne Ellis

Gee's Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt.

Luann Wheeler

Sister of Frank Tremble

Home Comforts.

Kayden Leo Walker Cooper

Grandson of Joyce Millard.

More Help for Teachers of Young Children.

Genevieve Hackler

Grandmother of Telia and Yolanda Hackler

The Museé D'orsay.

Debbie George

Cousin of Dr. Leanne Ellis

Next Year Country.

Bob Travis

Father of Shannon Lincicome

Four Plays by William Lange.

Connie Lopez

Grandmother of Delia Garcia

Arthur Miller: Collected Plays, 1944-1961.

Mary Eshelman

Aunt of Bill Rickenbaugh

Ancient Agriculture.

Richard Lambert

Cousin of Leann Ellis

Good Poems for Hard Times.

Eldon Holt

Brother-in-Law of Ronda Holt

Black Storm Coming.

Sam Keys

Son of Jennifer Keys

Peter Pan in Scarlet: Authorized Sequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Minnie Kazmeirski

Mother-in-Law of Dr. Jackie Vietti

God's Universe.

Edith Engels

Mother of Sue Barrientos

Christmas USA: a Children's Book

Dale George

Father of Gene George

Caesar: Life of a Colossus.

From: Linda Billingsley

For: Title
Nancy Meyers  Gram's Song.

From: Emily Matthias

For: Title

June Hunter

Mother of Julie Wishart

Lighting the Way: a Wpman Who Changed Modern America.
  Thomas Moran's West: Chromolithography, High Art, and Popular Taste.


From: Clifford W. Stone

For Title
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone   Alexander Calder & his magical mobiles.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone   The Prairie print makers.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone   The practical guide to marbling paper.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone    Degas.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Artist's guide to composition.
Charles E. (Maryan Firestone) Heilmann Aida.
Samuel R. Clifford 1776.
Robert H. Chism "M"
Charles H. Fillmore The Last stand of the Tin Can Sailors.
Ralph M. Graham The Games do count.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone The Regionalist vision of William Diskerson.
Mrs. Charles E. (Manayan Fireston) Heilmann Elton John and Tim Rice's AIDA: the making of the Broadway Musical.

From: Butler Community College

For Title
Annie McQuiller
Mother of Sherry Martin 
Nightingales: the extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale.
Rosemary Lay
Wife of John Lay 
Ethics, the heart of leadership.  
Robert Taliaferro  Bicycle: the history.  
Lee A. Westcott
Father of Angela Kay Westcott  
Ready-to-tell Tales.  
Leonard O. Jantz
Father of Connie Walton  
The western: the greatest Texas cattle trail.  
Ann Walterstedt Leonardo

Alice Oliver

Grandmother of Mr. and Mrs. Will Long

Faith works: how to live your beliefs and ignite social change.

Callie Mae Kuenstler

Grandmother of Leann Ellis

How to think like Leonard Da Vinci.

Letty Brown

Grandmother of Tiffany Blaske

Splendid solution: Jonas Salk.

Linda Diane Nunemaker

Sister of Martha Brown

Three plays by Anton Chekhov.

Marlys Morgan

Mother of Sheri Morgan

The Geographer's library.

Marie Shadwell

Grandmother of Teri Rinkenbaugh

John Brown Abolitionist.
Bradley A. Cook
Friend of Rusty and Elvira Davis
The Wild iris.

Robert Chism

Brother of Posey Coburn and Joe Chism

Shirmer encyclopedia of art.

Marion "June" Heffron

Mother of Michael Heffron

Wildflowers & grasses of Kansas.

Judy Showalter

Aunt of Chelsea Lee

Plan B: further thoughts on Faith.

Robert Mattingly

Father of Kathy McCoskey

The Eloquent President: a portrait of Lincoln through his words.

Wayne Matlock

Husband of Pam Matlock

Washington's crossing.

Tom Peters

Husband of Susan Peters

The Secret man: the story of Watergate's Deep Throat.

Esther Mae Nelson

Mother of Ted Nelson

Everyday grace: having hop, finding forgiveness, and making miracles.

Jerry Vieregge

Brother of Sherrell King

Best of the Midwest: rediscovering America's heartland.

Mildred Barnes

Mother of Helen Barnes

Altered book collage.

Jim Harvey Webster

Grandfather of Matt Jacobs

The problem of the media.

Clyde Eugene "Gene" Cless

Father of Steve Cless

The first emancipator.

Diane Smith

Sister of Marilyn Mahan

Gospel & Acts: from the St. John's Bible.

Joy Choens

Daughter-in-law of Sue Choens

Eudora Weltry: a biography.

Delina Walton

Mother of David Walton

The Man behind the microchip.

Floyd Torneden

Father of Fred Torneden

The Accidental masterpiece.

Victor Lee Richardson

Daughter of Judy Wenz

The first poets.

Teresa Grange

Son of John Grange

Mark Twain: a life.

Jiggs Choen

Father-in-law of Sue Choens

The Tipping point.

Lawrence Evans

Father of Larry Evans

Teach with your strengths.

Lillian Morgon

Mother of Dena Smoot

Kansas: a guide to the Sunflower State.

Irma Jones

Mother-in-law of Janice Jones

Servant Leadership: a journey into the nature of legitimate power & greatness.

Chad Patton

Father of Dr. Jay Moorman

Players: the mysterious identity of William Shakespeare.

Edward Rodriquez

Father of Adrian Rodriquez

Meta Man: the quest for Omega.

Matt Samuels

Husband of Mrs. Matt Samuels

Where shall I wander: new poems.

Eugene McAllister

Father of Debbie O'Brian

Leonardo Da Vinci: flights of the mind.

Eugene Walker

Husband of Maxine Walker

The Snowflake: winter's secret beauty.

Melvin "Mel" Morehead

Father of Becky Wolfe

The Search: how Google and it's rivals rewrote the rules of business.

Mary Lavaina Dodson

Mother of Marvin Dodson

Our Ancient Wings: the Sandhill Cranes of North America.

From: Karen Karst

For: Title
Craig Miller Faces of the Great Plains: prairie wildlife.

From: John and Cathy Jenkinson

For: Title
Robert B. Nordman
Father of Troy Nordman
The Bounty.

From: Center for Teaching Excellence Co-Workers

For: Title
Tim Brazil Three act tragedy.

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke Bluegrass early cuts: 1931-1953 4 CD set.
  Generations of Bluegrass: Legendary pickers.
  The Best of Pete Seeger.
  The Great American Bluegrass collection.
  Generations of Bluegrass: Shoulder to shoulder, vol. two.
  On the road with Ralph Stanley.
  The Stanley Brothers: the King years, 1961-1965 4 CD set.
  Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and the Stanley Brothers 4 CD set.
  Generations of Bluegrass: pickers and fiddlers, vol. I
  100 Greatest Bluegrass hits, 4 CD set.

The Stanley Brothers: an evening long ago.

  The Great Carl Sandburg: song of America.
  Dan Zanes :parades and panoramas.
  Bill and Dorree past piano and vocal duets: song to the  early Fifties and before, vol. 1 & 2.




From: Clifford W. Stone

For Title
William E. Stone Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone The Great Masters.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone A History of Art.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone American Art Deco.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone N. C. Wyeth.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Chromaform: Color in Sculpture.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Barbara Chase-Riboud, Sculptor.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Robert Indiana.
Mrs. Wilber (Olive Clifford) Stone Eats, Shoots & Leaves.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Master Drawings Rediscovered.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum : Drawings.
Samuel R. Clifford Good to be Great.
Mrs. Dan (Anna Young) Rardin A women's guide to golf.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Democracy Matters.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone The Enemy Within.

From: Butler Community College

For Title
Leatha Hayes The Tending Instinct: how nurturing is essential.
Bo Dee Gaines Jefferson's War.
Nicholas Regehr Parsons The Backyard Astronomer's Guide.
Rojean Holem Handcrafted Journal, Albums, Scrapbooks and More.
Al Schairbaum Two Roads to Dodge City.
Virginia Lewis Women Potters
Lisa Byfield The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, and Nothing but the Seuss.
Lillian Abigail Chandler Rebekah.
Bill Gwinup

The Perfect Mile.

Mildred Moreland Rachel and Leah.
Howard Phillips Learning Theories: A to Z.
Rosalie Ann Thiessen The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.
Harlan Sloan Father Joe.
Luke B. Tiahrt An Open Book.
Robert Nordman Encyclopedia of the Great Plains.
Marjorie Ingle Melton
Mother of Freda Briggs

The second glass of absinthe.

Helen White
Mother of Tom White
Kansas 24/7.
Jessie Patterson
Mother of Dalton Patterson
Today matters.
Nub Nelson Linus Pauling: scientist and peacemaker.
Timothy David Wright Minding the law.
Dortha Fink
Mother of Kathy Starke
Carol Mould
Wife of Dr. Doug Mould
The school of dying graces.

From: Butler Community College Golden Grizzly Ambassadors

For Title
Bill Burchill It's more than the music: Life lesson on friends faith, and what matters most.
RoJean Holem The Pocket Muse: Ideas & Inspiration for Writing.
Jeanne Haines Stardust Melody: The life & Music of Hoagy Carmichael.

From: Susan Balman

For Title
Lillian Abigail Chandler daughter of Rob and Bethany Chandler and sister of Ariane and Aidan The Tale of Despereaux

From: Curtis and Juli Willhite

For Title
Horace Lee Williams Life with Ol'Mike.

From: John Jenkinson

For Title
Marjorie Melton Still Wild: Short Fiction of the American West.

From: L. W. Nixon Library Staff

For Title

Alpha M. (Moore) Rorie

Grandmother of Ronda Holt

Songbirds: how to attract them and identify their songs.
Frances Stradley
Grandmother of Judy Bastin
Weaving contemporary rag rugs.



From: Don and Linda Billingsley

For Title
Clarence "Whitey" Hilyard Sir Walter & Mr Jones: Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones.
Paul Moreland Stickley Brothers: The quest for an American voice.
Loree Gayle Achenbach  Eve's Rib.
Donna Parson Tranquility fountains.
John Benjamin Jenkinson  Poetry Speaks.
Mae Beard In the Presence of my Enemies.
Tim Brazil Lewis Carroll: the Complete Illustrated Works.
Angeline S. Hoyle Theology in America.

From: Clifford W. Stone

For Title
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Painting with Acrylics: 27 acrylic painting Projects.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally" Connell) Stone Tromp L'oeil
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally") Connell) Stone Famous American Illustrators.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Arts and Crafts Movement.
Mrs. Clifford W. ("Sally"Connell) Stone Photo Speak.
Lowell D. Scribner Cattle: An Informal Social History.
Mary F. Porschle Memorial Let's Roll! : Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage.
Lloyd M. Eaton, Jr. Measure Twice, Cut Once.
John Norm Wheels for the Road.
Muriel Alberta (Noller) Oursler Glory, Passion & Principle.
Sarah Alice Burr Lovitt

The Symphony Orchestra and It's Instruments.

From: The Butler Cross Country Team of 2003

For Title
Chris Trotter American Decatheletes: a 20th Century Who's Who.

From: Greg and Emily Mathias

For Title
J. B. Jenkinson Swinging the Dream: Big Band Jazz and the Rebirth of American Culture.

From: Jim Erickson

For Title
Marianne Koke The Essential Bill Monroe and His Blue Brass Boys.
  The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994.
  The Stanley Brothers: Early Years 1958-1961.

From: Charmain Sundgren

For Title
Shirley Nelson Atlantis: 3 tales.
  Les Miserables.

From: Curtis & Annette Hammeke

For Title
Shirley Nelson Rebecca.

From: Rani Ahmad

For Title
Elizabeth J. "Betty" Boardman Miracles: Poems by Children of the English Speaking World.
  Nine Animals and the Well.
  The Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5.
  Arnie the Doughnut.

From: Butler Community College

For Title
Catherine Langley Years of Wonder.
Eunice Schemmer The Two Faces of Islam.
Marlea Waddell The Wilderness Family.
Donna Geraldine Jantz  Bemelmans, The life & Art of Madeline's Creator.
Jo Ireland Einstein's Greatest Blunder.
Ronnie Graham The New Manufacturing Challenge.
Kelly Kerr The Arabian Nights.
Walden Dye A Dictionary of English Folklore.
Keith Ballew Mission-based Marketing.
Mary Jacques Russian Folk-Tales, Illustrated.
James Sheahan The Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.
Clarence "Whitey" Hilyard Gabriel's Story.
Maudine Nixon Kansas: A History of the Sunflower State.
Kenneth King

Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.

Ruth Corwin Generation in Jeopardy.
Paul Moreland An American Insurrection.
Joleen Hammeke Parenting with Love and Magic.
William G. (Bill) Bidwell Sports and Games of the 18th & 19th Century.
Dr. Robert Lester Brown 1421 The Year China Discovered America.
Danny Ray Perry L. Frank Baum: Creator of OZ.
William Wyss

Section 27: A Century on a Family Farm.

Dillon Courser The Darkness & the Lighter Poems.
Lee Marley

Just Eagles.

Robert "Bob” Green  They Fought like Demons: Women Soldiers in the American Civil War.
Opal Spoon Reap the South Wind.
Howard B. Holliday  Samuel Pepys: an unequalled self.
Mrs. Wanda June Pfund The Magesty of the Law Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice.
J.D. Reed   The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren.
Marjorie Gilroy Knowles Cool, Calm & Collected Poems of Carolyn Kisser.
Faith Kabeera The 4 Seasons of Kansas.
Betty Mikesell A Wrinkle in Time.

Loree Achenbach Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers & other Dreamers.
Jack Brown The Zen of Golf.
Florence Taliaferro The First Americans.
John R. Pruitt The Complete Encyclopedia of Trees & Shrubs.
Silver Dodson American Bison: A Natural History.
Donna Parsons Psalm Twenty Three.
Betty Wolf Life of Pi.
Shirley Nelson Hildegard of Bingen: the Woman of Her Age.
Tim Brazil Einstein's Clocks.
Alyssa Upchurch Jane Austen.
Virgil Werner In His Brother's Shadow.
May Beard An Obsession of Butterflies.
John Benjamin Jenkinson The Creative Habit.
Margaret Gronau America's Women.
Patrick Russell JFK: Remembering Jack.
Vera Youngren Imaging Shakespeare.
David Clymer World War II: the Axis Assault.
Robert Erwin The Answer to How is Yes.
Martha Jeanne Haines What the numbers say.
Helen Kness Jonathan Edwards: A Life.

GIFT BOOKS -- 2013

From: Title
Keith West History of the World. (DVD)
  Blazing Saddles. (DVD)
Gina Austin-Fresh The Reduced Shakespeare Company's the complete works of William Shakespeare.
  What Life Was Like in the Age of Chivalry: Medieval Europe, AD 800-1500.
  What Life Was Like in the Realm of Elizabeth: England, AD 1533-1603.
  What Life Was Like When Rome Ruled the World: the Roman Empire, 100 BC - AD 200.
  What Life Was Like at the Dawn of Democracy: Classical Athens, 525-322 BC.
  Shakespeare for Kids.
  The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family.
  Two Shakespearean Actors.
  Great American Music: Broadway Musicals.
Velma Horner The Bodies Left Behind. (audio book)
  The 9th Judgement. (audio book)
Dr. Karla Fisher Radiating Like a Stone.
  Lean In.
Bill Langley Galapagos.
  And No Birds Sing.
  The Speckled Monster (Smallpox)
  Katydids and Bush-Crickets.
  An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students. (9th Ed - 2007)

GIFT BOOKS -- 2012

From: Title

Dr. Jacqueline A. Vietti

Before the Bell Rings


When the Sky is Blue

Dr. Linda Clarke

Anatomy of Sex.

Science of the Sexes: Growing Up.

Science of the Sexes: Different by Design.

In the Womb. (DVD)

Smashed. (DVD)

Mr. Jim Boyd

Butler‘s "The Grizzly, 1927–1995" Digitization Project.

Glen Holtz

Solar Water Heating.

Country Homes: 165 Plans with Rural Character.

Decorating with Concrete Indoors.

Designer‘s Best One Story Home Plans.

Mikel Trumbly

Pipe Bags, Tobacco Bags of the America Frontier.


Mythos Wild West.

B.J. Madewell

i am Sam.


GIFT BOOKS -- 2011

From: Title

Amik Ahmad

Great Short Works.




The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.

Cheryl Brown

One Day at a Time.

David Coryell


Gayle Childers

Alabaster's Song.


Bear Hugs.


Bear Hugs, Copy 2.


The Book of Christmas.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?.


Cats and Carols.


Chin Yu Min And The Ginger Cat.


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.


Christmas Treasury.


City in Winter, A.


The Crippled Lamb.


Do You See What I See.


The Fairies.


The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde.


A Flower Grows.


Gretchen's abc.


Grimm's Golden Goose.


Jack Rabbit Jack.


James the Connoisseur Cat.


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


The Little Mermaid.


The Little Snow Bear.


Me Too.




Micheal Hague's Favorite Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales.


Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.


My Father.


Night Tree.


Numbears: A Counting Book.


One Wintry.


The Perfect Present.


Peter Pan.


The Reluctant Dragon.


Santabear's First Christmas.


The Sleep Ponies.


The Snow Queen.


St. George and the Dragon.


The Stray.


Teddy Bear Teddy Bear.


Time To Go.


Tosca's Christmas.


The Train Ride.


The Veil of Snows.


The Waterfall's Gift.


Where the Sidewalk Ends.


Whittlesworth Comes to Christmas.


The Wind in the Willows.


The Wizard of Oz.

KPTS, courtesy of Teresa Baumgartner

The Dockum Sit-in: a Legacy of Coverage.

Susie Edwards

Relationship Rescue.


The Millionaire Next Door.

Bill Langley



The Time of the Buffalo.

Rownak Rashid

The Alchemist.


Love in the Time of Cholera.


Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook.


The 100 Best Poems of All Time.


1000 Vegetarian Recipes


Classic Rice Dishes: Over 100 Deliciously Diverse Recipes.


The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook.


Food and Wind: An Entire Year of Recipes 2004 and 2005.


The Recipe Hall of Fame Cookbook 11: Winning Recipes from Hometown America.


The Weekend Chef: 192 Smart Recipes for Relaxed Cooking Ahead.


Savoring San Diego: Cookbook of an Evolving Regional Cuisine.


Food and Wine


Classic Rice Dishes

Deb Sawtelle

Reality Therapy.


I'll Quit Tomorrow.


Buzzed: the Straight Facts.


DSM-IV-TR Case Studies.


The Recovery Book.


DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Ed.


Man's Search for Meaning.


The Gift of Therapy.

Jo Wilkinson

The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Amik Ahmad

Listening Now.


Essentials Tomato.


Absolut Book.


Oh, Brother.


After Play.


Mr. 80's.


Olympic Portraits.


New York City Traditions.


Around the World in 450 Recipes.


The Mafia Cookbook.


Games for the Super-Intelligent.

Matt Webster

Get Shorty. (DVD)


Superman Returns. (DVD)


Yard Care.




GIFT BOOKS -- 2010

From: Title
Dr. Vietti The Sandbox Investment.
  The Octopus & the Orangutan.
Ann Hall, Butler Student Organizational Theory: Design and Change.
Managerial Economics.
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 8th Edition
Marketing Management
Warren R. Cozby, Jr. Nuts & Bolts of Space Colonization.
Wade Harvey & Delbert Harvey It's all about Choice.

Bill Langley

The American Crow and the Common Raven


Collecting and Preparing Study Specimen of Vertabrates

David Coryell

The Taken Trilogy


The Annals of the Heechee

Phil Speary

Advancing student learning outcomes in Community & Technical colleges.

Fred Torneden

The Christian expression: discover one another in Jesus Christ.

Jim Edwards

Harnessing America's wasted talent.

Matt Webster



Jay & Silent Bob strikes back.


Tropic thunder.


Reservoir dogs.


The 40 year old virgin.


Lethal weapon: director's cut.


Clerks: 10th anniversary ed.


Chasing Amy.


The Hangover.




GIFT BOOKS -- 2009

From: Title
Bob Peterson How to Give a Damn Good Speech.
  The King's English.
  Sons and Lovers.
Melissa Mar Love is Hell.
Barbara Kramer Pueblo Pottery Designs.
  Prehistoric Hopi Pottery Designs.
  Authentic Indian Designs.
  Santa Clara Pottery Today.
  Southwestern Pottery.

Cliff Stone

The Collectors.

Against medical advice.

Carol Renfro

Those who trespass.


A Woman of independent means.


My old man and the sea.

Cheryl Brown

Dear John.

Victoria McKain

Pastwatch: the redemption of Christopher Columbus.


Islam: a thousand years of faith and power.


Adem's cross.


Inside the walls of Troy.


Red scarf girl: a memoir of the cultural revolution.


The singing mountain.


Stones in water.


Dateline: Troy.


Masada: the last fortress.


Greek people.


The Guerrilla girls' bedside companion o the history of western art.


The Queens: portraits of women of power.


The Planet hunters.

Glenn Lygrisse

Time annual 1995: the year in review.


Yes you can achieve financial independence.

Linda Billingsley

Portrait of a Killer.


The Pillars of the Earth.


The Tear of the Goat.


Loving Frank.


Pieces of my Heart. (Robert J. Wagner Biography)


The Planet hunters

From: Peggy Krause

For: Title

In memory of Mary Lou Bentley Purcell
Mother of Peggy Krause

Winchell: gossip, power, and the culture of celebrity.

From: The Staff of the L. W. Nixon Library

For: Title
Virgil N. Werner
Father of Judy Bastin
Superior, Nebraska.
Dustin Armstrong Cheer! Three Teams.

Mary Margaret Morris Boyd

Mother of Martha Gregg

The Daring Book for Girls.

From: Kay Carroll

For: Title
Graydon and Mildred Carroll

The Rest I Noise.


Sibelius : the Orchestral Works : an Owner's Manual


Ice Breakers: 60 Fun Activities.

  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: a Biography.

From: Martha Gregg

For: Title
Wilbur E. McMurtry
Uncle of Martha Gregg

Think Again: a response to fundamentalism's claim on Christianity.



For: Title
Carol Renfro Life Strategies.
  The DaVinci Code.
  Cry Wolf.
Tad Waddington Lasting Contribution.
Denise Low From Kansas to Harlem.
Charlie Renne A Truck Fell on Me.
Mary Watson

Talmud, 19 Volumes.

  Great Books, 54 Volumes.
Rachel Ayers



Freedom's Ransom.

  Exile's Valor.
Vikki Jo Stewart

The Audacity of Hope.

Vikki Jo Stewart

Fahrenheit 451.

Meg McGranahan

Blended Learning in Higher Education.


GIFT BOOKS -- 2007

From: Title
Clifford W. Stone The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.
  Wodehouse: a Life.
  Dreams from my Father.
  Land of Lincoln.
  Passionate Minds.
  Partners in Command.
  Beyond World Class.
  See Jane Lead.
  Natural Cures.
  From Beirut to Jerusalem.
  Black Rednecks and White Liberals.
  Waiting for your Cat to Bark?
Suzie Edwards Get a Jump!
  Fat Free Meetings.
Rita Sullivan Baby's Breath. DVD.
Jacqueline Vietti The Circle of Innovation.
Wind Songs in the Wheat, Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III.
Who Move My Cheese. (Andover Campus)
Black Rednecks and White Liberals. (Andover Campus)
Magic with Sand.
Paths of Exile.
Jane Watkins When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.
A Single Shard.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Where the Lillies Bloom.
Out of the Dust.
Al Vopata Bohemian Mobility Tales.
Pat Lowrance

The Grizzly 1964,1965,1974, 1975, 1976,1977, 1979 and 1981.

John Jenkinson Moving My Business to China.
Judy Bastin Bookcrush.

GIFT BOOKS -- 2006

From: Title
Clifford W. Stone Black Rednecks & White Liberals.
  Character is Destiny.
  The G.O.D. Experiments.

The Worst Hard Times.

  The OZ Principle.
  El Dorado:   Legacy of an Oil Boom.
  American Miler.
  Impressionism Abroad.
  A World of Ideas.
  Machiavelli on Modern Leadership.
  The Future of Freedom.
  Zoo Book.

Our Iceberg is Melting.

  The Immortal Game (Chess).
Linda Billingsley Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time.
Mark Weeks Hatari - DVD
  Dr. No - DVD
  Hamlet - DVD
Sonja Milbourn Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time.
Dorothy Babb The portable MFA in creative writing : improve your craft with the core essentials taught to MFA students

GIFT BOOKS -- 2005

From: Title
Clifford W. Stone Constitutional chaos.
  Will in the World.
  The beginner's book of oil painting.
  The world is flat.
  Winning the future.
  Inside the asylum.
  The Walmart way.
  Eye of the eagle.
  The Total penguin.
  Bait and switch.
  A Short history of nearly everything.
  Presence: an explanation of profound change.
  Character is destiny.
  What Christianity ever done for us?
Anthony Olson Test of Essential academic skills: pre-test study manual.
Barbara J. Kramer Ammonites and the other cephalopods of the Pierre Seaway.
  Fossil Collector's handbook: finding, identifying, preparing, displaying.


GIFT BOOKS -- 2004

From Title
Mark Weeks A History of Narrative Film.
  The Phantom of the Opera (DVD)
Clifford W. Stone The Essential 55.
  The Language Police
  The American Congress
Mr. Charles R. Haller Annie : child of the prairie

GIFT BOOKS -- 2003

From Title
Curtis & Juli Willhite Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet.
Linda Billingsley Complete Diabetic Cookbook.
Lt. Col. Steven Dorfman: Van Loon's Geography.
  Geography in America.
  Geography: It's History & Culture.
  Leaders in American Geography.
  Mapping the Next Millennium.
  The Rand McNally Elementary Geography.
  Geography: Theory in Practice Agriculture.

From Title
Clifford W. Stone: The Business of Heaven.
  There are no Shortcuts.


From: BJ Madewell

In Honor Of: Title

Introduction to Exceptional Children

Benny & Joon.

A Beautiful Mind.

The Boy Who Could Fly.

The Mighty.



From: Mark Weeks

In Honor Of: Title

Micaela Ayers

The Mission Impossible Dossier.

Lonnie Marley

The Virginian, (1914 edition) DVD.

Tim Meyers

Japan's War in Colour



From: Library Staff

In Honor Of: Title

Dr. Leann & Randy Ellis

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

From: June Costin

In Honor Of Title
Elizabeth & Ralph F.de Bedts Recent American History, Vol. 1 & 2
  Raphael Semmes: the Philosophical Mariner.
  Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings.

From: Charles K. Steiner, Executive Director of Wichita Art Museum

In Honor Of Title
The 75th Anniversary of the Wichita Art Museum Wichita Art Museum: 75 Years of American Art.

From: Rachel Ayers

In Honor Of Title

Chris Jensen

Mirror, Mirror

From: Sonja Sommers - Milbourn

In Honor Of Title

Judy Louis – Griffith
By her daughter Sonja Milbourn

Augusta’s Journal



From Title
In Honor of Linda Billingsley, on her Retirement by

Fellow Butler Employees

Jack Jacobs.
  How music came to the earth.

From Title
In Honor of Ainul Islam  

From Rani Ahmad

Our beautiful Bangladesh.


From Title
In Honor of Linda Billingsley, on her Retirement by
John Jenkinson Beat Procrastination and make the Grade.
Sharon Rogers Words of Wisdom for Women.

Fellow Butler Employees

Critical Success Strategies for new Leader at all Levels.
  Founding Mothers.
  The Fred Factor.
  A Hole in Texas.
  Inspire! What Great Leaders do.
  The Master Quilter
  When the Bucks Stops With You.
  Women Makes the Best Salesmen.
  Nice girls don't get the corner office.
  Paint & Color in Decoration.
  The Elements of Style.
  Are Men Necessary.
  Lives of the Muses.
  George Washington Spymaster.
  More Book Lust.
In Honor of Hazel Clothier, for her Masters in Library Science, Emporia State University
  International Encyclopedia of Information & Library Science.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2012

From: Bill Jenkins

For: Title
Marianne Koke Grand Ole Opry.
  American Popular Music: Country.
  American Popular Music: Folk.
  American Popular Music: Blues.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2012

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke M for Mississippi (DVD).
  Best of Flatt & Scruggs TV Show. 2 vol.
  Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp (DVD).
  The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music (CD).
  The Dixie Hummingbirds:aA Christian Testimonial (CD).
  Bayou Deluxe: the Rest of Michael Doucet and Beausoleil (CD).
  Fairport at Forty (DVD).
  Michael Doucet: From Now On (CD).
  Gitane Cajun: BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet (CD).
  Cajun- Sweet Home Louisiana (CD).
  Cajun Origins: Featuring Joe Falcon, Breaux Freres, and Many More (CD).
  The Very Best of Doug Kershaw (CD).
  The Best of Doug Kershaw (CD).
  Dewey Balfa and Friends; Cajun Legends: Faità la Main and Souvenirs (CD).
  Doug Kershaw: a Classical Cajun Gumbo (CD).
  Buckwheat Zydeco: Lay Your Burden Down (CD).
  Buckwheat Zydeco: Ultimate Collection (CD).
  Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band: On Tour (CD).
  The Best of Clifton Chenier: the King of Zydeco and Louisiana Blues (CD).
  Man of Constant Sorrow.
  To Everything There is a Season.
  Now That's a Good Tune: Masters of Traditional Missouri Fiddling (Plus CD).
  Zydeco Shoes: a Sensory Tour of Cajun Culture (+ CD).
  Burl Ives: Live at Chautauqua (DVD).
  The Dixie Cups: the Complete Red-Bird Recordings (CD).
  The Staple Singers: the Best of the Vee-Jay Years (CD).
  The Bill Monroe Reader.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2010

From: Mike Wotawa

For: Title
Marianne Koke Woodie Guthrie Art Works
  Festival- A film by Murray Lerner- Filmed at the Newport Folk Festival
  Very Early Joan- Joan Baez
  Joan Baez Vol. 2- Joan Baez
  Bowling Green- Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger
  Blonde on Blonde- Bob Dylan
  Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show Classic Bluegrass from 1956 to 1962 Vol. 8
  The Unsung Father of Country Music- Ernest V. Stoneman
  Recollections- Judy Collins
  The Very Best of Tom Paxton- Tom Paxton
  Live at Newport- Joan Baez
  Gone from Danger- Joan Baez
  Legacy- Doc Watson and David Holt
  Jefferson Starship presents: Jefferson's Tree of Liberty
  Best of Flatt & Scruggs TV show: classic bluegrass from 1956-1962, vol. 7.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2009

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke Popular Tales of the West Highlands Vol. 2.

From: Don Koke

For: Title
Marianne Koke Ozark Folksongs Vol. 1 to 4

From: John K. Krause

For: Title:
Keith S. Krause (the author)
by his son, John K. Krause

Water resources in Kansas: use and control 1541-1977.

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke Burl Ives, Philco's Friendly Troubadour.
Big Bills Brooney Vol. 3: the War and Postwar Years 1940-1941.
The New Lost City Ramblers: the Early Years 1958-1962.
The New Lost City Ramblers, Vol II, 1963-1973 Out Standing in their Field.
The New Lost City Ramblers: there Ain't No Way out.
The Best of the Dixie Hummingbirds.
Kerouac's Last Dream by Ramblin' Jack Elliot.
Bob Dylan Live 1966, the Royal Albert Hall Concert.
The Hobo's Last Ride by Norman & Nancy Blake.
Back Home in Sulpher Springs.
Reverend Gary Davis: Pure Religion, Bad Company.
Harlem Street Singer by Blind Gary Davis.
Reverend Gary Davis: the Video Collection.
Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV Show: Classic Bluegrass from 1956-1962 Vol. 3.
Best of Flatt & Scruggs TV show, Vol. 6.


Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers: old time songs.

The Complete Blind Willie Johnson.


A Corn licker still in Georgia: Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers.


A Folksinger's choice by Theodore Bikel.


Freedom Highway by the Staple Singers.


Greatest Gospel hits by Shirley Caeser.


Greatest hits by Staple Singers.


The Long ride by Ramblin' Jack Elliot.


The Norman & Nancy Blake compact disc.


Norman & Nancy Blake: blind dog.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 1 1926-1927.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 2 1927-1928.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 3 1928-1929.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 4 1929-1930.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 5 1930-1934.


The Skillet Lickers, vol. 6 1926-1927.


Snuffy Jenkins: pioneer of the Bluegrass Banjo.


Songs of protest by the Almanac Singers.


Songs of the earth Theodore Bikel and the Pennywhistlers


The Stoneman family: old time tunes of the South.


Which side are you on? The best of the Almanac Singers.


You ain't talkin' to me, Charlie Poole and the roots of Country music.

  Pete Seeger: the power of song.


From: Robert LeRoy Smith

For: Title

Marianne Koke

The Traditional tunes of the Child ballads, vol I, II, and III.


Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2008

From: Mike Wotawa

For: Title
Marianne Koke A Treasury of Railroad Folklore.

A Treasury of Southern Folklore.

From Clifford W. Stone

For: Title
Mrs. Michael (Betty Bond) Prohodsky Women and Money.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2007

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke   The Best of Blind Lemon Jefferson: Recording of the 1920's..
  The Complete Brownie McGhee.


Cowboy Songs of the Old West: Collected and Sung by Alan Lomax and Ed McCurdy.
  Ed McCurdy: A Ballad Singers Choice.
  Elizabeth Cotton: Freight Train and Other North Carolina Folk Songs and Tunes.
  Harry Belefonte :Island in the Sun.
  John Jacob Niles: I wonder as I wander Carols and Love Songs.
  John Jacob Niles: My Precarious Life in the Public Domain.
  Josh White: the Electra Years.
  Josh White: Free and Equal Blues.
  Josh White Sings the Blues and Sings.
  Moses Asch: Smithsonian Folkways.
  Od etta: Best of the Vanguard Years.
  Ramblin' Jack Elliott: The Best of the Vanguard Years.
  Ramblin' Jack Elliott The Lost Tapes: Cowes Harbour 1957.
  Rev. Gary Davis Blues and Ragtime.
  Richard Dyer-Bennett: Smithsonian Folkways. Volume 1 & 2.
  Sam Hinton: The Library Congress Recording, March 25, 1947.
  Satisfying Blues: Mississippi John Hurt.
  The Very Best of Rev. Gary Davis: Hero's of Blues.
  The Weaver: Rarities from the Vanguard Vault.
  Garden of Joy: Jim Kweskin's America. 2 CD Set.
  Ramblin' Jack Elliott. CD
  Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger, Judy Collins & Elizabeth Cotten DVD.
  Woody Guthrie: This Machine Kills Fascists.
  Wine Headed Woman with Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. CD
  Border Town at Midnight. CD
  The Weavers: Wasn't that a Time. 4 CD Set.
  Leadbelly, Important Recording, 1934-1949.
  All the Classic Sides, 1928-1937, Big Bill Broonzy.
  Field Trip by Jean Ritchie.
  Old Times and Hard Times by Hedy West.
  Classic Cuts, 1933-1941, The Delmore Brothers.
  Southern Journey Series: Earliest Times.
  Delmore Brothers: the Later Years Vol. 2 1933-1952.

Marianne Koke Folk Arts Collection -- 2006

From: Don Koke

For: Title
Marianne Koke   Art in Craftsmanship.
L. D. Sawyer The American gas station.
Harold Jenkins Food Folklore.

From: Jim Erickson

For: Title
Marianne Koke  

The Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys "I am a mon of constant sorrows. "

  Clinch Mountain Country.
  Cisco Houston: the Folkways Years, 1944-1961.
  Avalon Blues (Complete 1928 Okeh recordings) by Mississippi Hurt.
  Woody Guthrie & Cisco Houston.
  Sonny Terry (Collectable's Records)
  Classic Scots Ballads.

Pete Seeger: American Favorite Ballads.

  Sonny Terry: Chain Gang Blues.
  --And the tin pan bended, and the story ended--
  Cisco Houston: Best of the Vanguard Years.
  Rainbow Quest: New Lost City Ramblers, etc.

Rainbow Quest: Terry & McGhee and Hutt.

  The Carter Family: Will the Circle be Unbroken.
  Clarence Tom Ashley & Tex Isley play and sing American folk music, Smithsonian Folkways Archival Series.
  Everytime I feel the Spirit, vol. 3.
  Big Bill Broonzy.
  In all Honesty, by The Stonemans.

From: Larry Penn

For: Title
Marianne Koke   Shicken' with the Union: Songs from Wisconsin Labor History.
  The Whiskeys' Gone.
  A Ride on the Westbound.
  Railroad Queens of the Past.
  The Rose Tattoo: Live.

From: Michael & Alanna Taylor

For: Title
Marianne Koke   Janismania 2004.
  Janis Ian: Live at Club Cafe.

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