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Nursing Program Information

Application Information

A nursing class is admitted each semester. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Prospective nursing students are encouraged to complete the required information as early as possible. Students receive written notification of the decision from the Dean of the Nursing, Allied Health and Early Childhood Education Division. Admission to the college is the first step in the process for the prospective nursing student. Admission to the college does not insure admission into the nursing program. The admission policies of the Department of Nursing fall within the general guidelines of the college.

The most highly qualified applicants are selected for the nursing program on the basis of earned grade points in three prerequisite courses, (English Composition I, General Psychology, and Anatomy & Physiology) and the applicant‘s composite score and raw reading score on the TEAS Exam. Further information can be obtained from the Admission Policies in the nursing student handbook.

Currently the application for the Associate Degree Program for Nursing can be downloaded as a .pdf file. Nursing Application .pdf file. An application can also be obtained by calling the Department of Nursing at 316–322–3140 or 316–733–3140 (from Wichita metro area). Please leave your name and address and an application and information about the nursing program will be mailed out to you. You may also request an application by sending an e–mail (see below) to the Department of Nursing. Please leave your name and address and an application will be mailed to you.


Nursing’s Blended Learning Environment


Students today expect a relevant and engaging learning experience.  Butler addresses that expectation by providing a variety of learning opportunities.  One of them is blended learning, the thoughtful fusion of traditional face-to-face classes with the power of online learning.

In an effort to meet the career goals of nursing students desiring to become registered nurses and to meet the learning needs of all nursing students, the nursing courses at Butler Community College are delivered in a blended learning distance environment.   The blended format combines the structure and interaction of a face-to-face course with the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Essentially, blended learning represents a restructuring of the scheduled class hours.  Some coursework is completed online while some is completed in a face-to-face classroom setting.  This means that during the semester, students will have class days when they will not be required to come to campus, but instead will prepare for upcoming classroom content online.  Students are expected to come prepared for learning activities, learning labs, guest lecturers and exams as scheduled in the course syllabus.  The frequency of class meetings varies with the nursing course.  Students will receive a course syllabus at the beginning of each nursing course identifying when they will be required to be on campus. 

The online portion of the blended course will be delivered through Butler’s chosen learning management system.  The learning management system contains tools for communication, delivery of content, testing, assignment submission, directions and instructor notes for each specific course content.  Although the course material can be accessed at the student’s convenience, there are deadlines and due dates for assignments throughout the term.  Blended courses are not self-paced, nor are they open-entry/open exit.  Participants in blended classes need to be self-directed and motivated to succeed.

In addition to the above described blended learning environment, the Butler nursing program meets student learning needs through patient simulation activities in the Clinical Learning Lab on campus and clinical experiences each semester in Butler County and surrounding health care facilities.

For further information, contact the Department of Nursing at:
316–322–3140 or 733–3140 from Wichita