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Delayed Return Policy

Students requesting to return to the nursing program after an absence must send a written request to the Dean and may be considered as follows, pending space available:

If gone for:

       1.  Two semesters (one year) must

                  a. Repeat the criminal background check

       2.  Four semesters (two years) must

                  a.  Repeat the criminal background check

                  b.  Will not be readmitted to the second semester (NR 106), must start with NR 105.

                  c.  If seeking readmission into third semester, must pass the NCLEX-PN or ATI STEP exam, at or above the    

                       national average, and apply to be readmitted as an advanced standing student (if admitted originally as an LPN)

                       or  a repeating generic student (if originally admitted as a generic student).

                 d.  Readmission into fourth semester will be at the Dean's discretion.

Butler Community College
Department of Nursing
901 S. Haverhill Road
El Dorado, KS 67042

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Last Reviewed August 2013