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Frequently Asked Questions in ANGEL

When can I log in?
You will be able to log into ANGEL and access your courses about 5 days before the semester begins (you will receive an email in Pipeline from the Director of Instructional Technology with specific details regarding class, orientation, etc. ) Those who enroll less than a week before classes begin will receive an email in Pipeline with login information within 24 business hours after enrolling.

How do I log in?
(See it here! )

There are two ways to get to the ANGEL log on page.
  • The Butler homepage has a link called Online Course Login (near the top of the page) that will take you to the log on page.
  • OR go there directly by entering the web address: http://webcourses.butlercc.edu

Once there, enter your ANGEL username and password. It is the same as for your Pipeline account. Now click Log On.
The next page displays links to your classes (online, blended & web enhanced courses in which you are enrolled for the current semester.)

How to I print pages from ANGEL?

To print in ANGEL:

  • Place your cursor on the page you want to print and click CTRL A to select everything on the page
    OR click and drag with your mouse to highlight the portion of the page you wish to print.
  • Press CTRL P or select File>Print on the toolbar menu. The Print Dialog box opens.
  • In the Print Range field, check the radio button next to Selection.
  • Click Print.

Why is my username and password not working?
Pipeline requires users to change their password every 90 days (remember your Pipeline and ANGEL information are the same). Your password has probably expired. Go back to Pipeline and reset the password. Follow the instructions for resetting the password or contact the Butler Help Desk by email (helpdesk@butlercc.edu) or phone 322-3306 or 733-3306 (Wichita metro area). Clear your browser's cache or history, just to make sure the browser does not remember the old password. The new Pipeline password will now work in ANGEL.

What do all these tabs and buttons mean?
Watch this short video that gives a quick overview of the tabs and power strip buttons inside ANGEL.

How do I post to the discussion board? (See it here! )
Begin by clicking on the link to the discussion. A discussion may be found on the Communicate tab, inside a week's folder, 

or as a link on an assignment page, depending on how the individual instructor has set up the course.

 When open, the discussion screen displays the instructions and question at the top and a list of posted replies from 
other class members at the bottom. 

To create an original message, click the New Post link in the upper left, above the instructions and questions.

 Type a subject, then compose your message where indicated. Then click Save. 

Your message, along with your name and the date, now appears in the list. 

To reply to a message, click the subject of the message to display it, then click the Reply link at the bottom of the page.

 By default the subject will be filled in. Compose the message and click Save. 

Your reply will appear indented and below the message to which you replied.

To expand/collapse directions and/or posts, click the blue plus (+) or minus (-) signs next to the heading Directions or Post Title.  

You can also expand or collapse individual posts by clicking the plus (+) or minus (-) signs next to the 
individual post.

How do I send an email in ANGEL?
(See it here! )
Go to the Communicate tab, and click Quick Message. A message box appears much like email in other applications. You can, however, only send messages to other ANGEL users. To address an ANGEL email,

  • Click on the To: link
  • Select your recipient from the list on the left by clicking on the name (or group/team name)
  • Click the To: link on the right
  • Now click OK. This returns you to the previous window where you can compose the message. When complete click the Send button.
How do I submit an assignment? (See it here! )
  • Click on the dropbox. There may be instructions there for deadlines, file name and other relevant information.
  • Click the Attachments button. Select Browse to locate your saved assignment file.
  • Click on the file name and then select Open.
  • Select Upload file. When the name of your file appears in the list, click Finished. Your file name will now display on the dropbox page. You are not finished.
  • To complete the process, enter a title for the assignment, then click the Submit link. You will now get a message telling you that the submission is successful.


How do I see my grades? (See it here! )
An overview of your grades is visible on the Grades nugget on the Course tab. To get specific details, click inside this nugget OR the Report/Grades tab. Select Grades from the Category dropdown menu on the left. Now click Run. A complete report of assignments, the graded ones in black, the ungraded ones in grey should now be displayed.


How do I take a quiz? (See it here! )
Select the quiz link or icon and double-click to open. This first screen will have information on the availability(yes/no), number of attempts and length of time you have to complete the quiz. Unless specifically told otherwise, you must complete the quiz once you begin. When ready, click the Begin button. Be sure you answer all the questions. When complete, click the Submit button.


How do I save a file as an RTF? (See it here! )
With your file open, select 'Save as' from the File menu. Follow the three steps shown in this graphic and then click Save.

Save as

Follow these three steps and then click Save.

Why am I getting ANGEL discussion messages in Pipeline?
You have probably subscribed to one or more discussions in ANGEL (perhaps by accident). All new posts to those discussions are then copied to your Pipeline account. If you do not want to receive these messages, find the discussion listing in the Communicate tab or wherever the instructor has linked to the specific discussion board. Find and click the 'Unsubscribe' link. It should be located just below the title of the discussion. (If you decide to stay subscribed, reply to the messages inside ANGEL only, not in Pipeline. )


How do I review answers an comments in my tests?(See it here! )
To review tests you have taken, and that have been graded, you must go to the original test item, not the Reports/Grades tab. Click on the test item just like you would if you were taking the test. You will see a link with the date of the test. Click on this link. The information available including the time is dependent on the individual instructor.