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Is Online Learning for You?

Technical Skills Assessment

The following self-assessment is provided to help you determine if you possess the
technical skills
needed to succeed in an online course.

Yes No

1.   Can you identify your computer's operating system and version number?
Yes No 2.   Can you restart your computer if it becomes locked up?
Yes No 3.   Can you safely turn off your computer?
Yes No 4.   Can you explain the terms: icon, menu, window, click, select, drag, button?
Yes No 5.   Can you use the mouse to select and deselect text?
Yes No 6.   Can you use a mouse to open and close a program by clicking on an icon?
Yes No 7.   Can you use the “Start” button to open programs?
Yes No 8.   Can you choose a command from the menu?
Yes No 9.   Can you move, resize and close windows?
Yes No 10. Do you know the difference between close and exit?
Yes No 11. Can you use the scroll bars?  
Yes No 12. Can you switch between open windows?
Yes No 13. Can you switch between open applications?
Yes No 14. Can you create folders and move files?
Yes No 15. Can you save a file and browse to locate a file?
Yes No 16. Can you copy and paste text?
Yes No 17. Can you rename files?
Yes No 18. Can you download and install programs and plug-ins?  
Yes No 19. Can you connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Yes No 20. Can you open a web browser?
Yes No 21. Can you create a bookmark or save a favorite webpage?
Yes No 22. Can you copy a URL?
Yes No 23. Can you use a search engine to locate information on the Internet?  
Yes No 24. Can you iIdentify the browser and access Internet preferences or options?
Yes No 25. Can you use email to create and send a message?
Yes No 26. Can you attach files to an email message?
Yes No 27. Can you reply to an email message?
Yes No 28. Do you understand and abide by standard Netiquette?
Yes No 29. Can you open a word processing file?
Yes No 30. Can you save a word processing file, and save as Rich Text Format (.rtf)?
Yes No 31. Can you edit and print a file?
Evaluating Your Score  


  Your Total:

How many of the above questions did you respond with a 'Yes'? Use the following scale to assess how technically prepared you are to complete an online course:

31 - 26:   Excellent

More than likely you will do quite well with an online course.
25 - 21:   Fair Contact the course instructor before enrolling to find out if your lack of certain skills will jeopardize your ability to complete the course.
20 or less:   Need improvement We recommend that you access coursework, workshops, or tutorials that will help you improve your basic computer and internet skills before enrolling in an online course.

Send inquiries to:
Meg McGranaghan
Director of Instructional Technology
Butler Community College
El Dorado, KS 67042
316.322.3345 megmcg@butlercc.edu

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April 6, 2010