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Technical Information
Preparing your computer for Butler Online Courses

Your Internet browser is your connection to your Butler Online courses. It is very important that you use a browser that is compatible with Canvas. Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. For complete details check out this page that details which browsers Canvas supports and specific Java and Flash details.

Software Requirements
Word Processing
Because word processing is a necessity in virtually any college course today, online students must have access to a word processing program. This might be software such as Microsoft Word or the free OpenOffice suite, or cloud-based programs such as Google Drive, available with a Google account.. Online students should be prepared to use their programs' Copy/Paste functions to copy text into e-mail or text boxes.
All Butler students receive a Pipeline account when they enroll. Pipeline is Butler's information portal which includes access to email, college announcements, final grades, calendar, course schedule and online enrollment. This is also the method by which you will receive information on logging onto your course. For information on accessing and using a Pipeline account, plus other helpful Pipeline info go to http://boeintranet.butlercc.edu/p@b/tutorial.htm

Some courses may require other software programs in addition to those named here. See the course schedule and course syllabus for particular requirements. Consultation with the course instructor about additional software requirements before registering for an online course is recommended.


Technical Help

Do you have questions in Canvas?

If your question is one about content - i.e. how do I choose a topic for my paper - please contact your instructor. He/she is the only one who can help you with a course specific question.

However, if you need to know how to login or do something in Canvas, the Butler Help Desk offers phone and email technical support for Canvas, Pipeline, email, and basic hardware and software problems. The Help Desk also provides assistance in resetting your Pipeline password.

Contact the Help Desk during college business hours (8 am-8 pm. Monday-Friday) by phone 316.322.3306 (733.3306 from Wichita area) or by email helpdesk@butlercc.edu.


Technical Skills

If online courses seem to fit your circumstances and your lifestyle, the following self-assessment may help to determine if you have the necessary technical skills to succeed in an online learning environment.

Self-Assessment of Technical Skills


Send inquiries to:
Linda Wapelhorst
Director of Butler Online
Butler Community College

715 E 13th ST
Andover, KS 67002
316.218-6202 lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu