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Learning College Awards of Distinction

Honored Recipients

Learning/Work Environment Award Winner

Mandy Greenfield, Assistant Director, Human Resources

“Mandy has worked to develop the Annual Wellness fair in conjunction with Sherwin Williams. This fair brings together the expertise of several different departments (Nursing students, safety teams, massage therapy students, etc) and various vendors from the community to educate students, stakeholders and community members at a one-stop shop. Vendors provide products and services, free screenings, seminars and general information about the "Power of Wellness".  Although the wellness fair is not in her job description, she spends countless hours on developing it and advancing learning about wellness.”

Student Engagement Award Winner

Lisa Parsons, Instructor -Career and Technical Education

“She connects with her students inside and outside the classroom. Lisa always makes it a point to get to know her students personally and she uses social media, such as Facebook, to connect with her students on their level. Her enthusiasm is contagious, which is a big motivator to her students. They get engaged with the material often just because she has fun teaching it. She is a great person and a great teacher who is well-deserving of this award.”

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