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GGD 2nd Quarter Winner graphic


Congratulations to our Great Grizzly Deed 2nd Quarter winners!

First: Alex McClendon (recipient of $100 BCC bookstore gift certificate)


Alex was willing to climb an antenna tower that is on top of the 5000 building to get networking equipment that was needed to repair a down connection in El Dorado. This was done on April 1 in temperatures just above freezing.

Second: Danya Burks (recipient of $75 BCC bookstore gift certificate)

Danya Burks volunteered to lead a group of adult education students on Grizzly Give Back Day. Her willingness to take on this project allowed our adult education students to give back to a staff member who had recently resigned due to illness. The day was a huge success for all involved! Thanks, Danya, for providing this great service learning opportunity for our students.

Third: Patrick Nance (recipient of $50 BCC bookstore gift certificate)


Patrick offered and did help me prepare my online tax accounting course in canvas. When the course was copied over from Angel, all of the multiple choice questions and exam questions that contained dollar signs were missing words. To fix this, we had to read every question and compare it to the current angel version and input the missing numbers. There were 12 chapters with multiple choice questions and 3 exams. With his help, I was able to meet the May 1 deadline.

Fourth: Julie Smith (recipient of $25 BCC bookstore gift certificate)

Julie was instrumental in the successful migration from the ANGEL LMS to Canvas. This is a truly significant accomplishment as 4,500 students and 225 instructors will be directly impacted by this change. Julie has great vision, and recognizes potential issues before they can grow into huge problems. She is one of Butler's most valuable employees and proves her worth day in and day out. Thank you, Julie, for a job well done.

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