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                                                         GGD 3rd Qurt winners







Congratulations to our Great Grizzly Deed 3rdQuarter winners!


First - Darcy Fowler (recipient of $100 BCC bookstore gift certificate)

Darcy came to the rescue for the math faculty when the hawks software was not working at the beginning of the semester. She worked non-stop for 5 hours in one room without even taking a break for lunch. She was able to help students and instructors live in the classroom as well. We appreciate her commitment to helping students succeed and ensuring our classes were able to use the software.


Second - Phillip Crom (recipient of $75 BCC bookstore gift certificate)




Phillip took over as an Interim Director of Public Safety upon the resignation of Marshall Matthews. During the next several months, Phillip ensured that we were in compliance with all regulations governing law enforment agencies, scheduled the staff to cover both the BOA and BOE campus, and often covered a number of shifts due to being short-handed with staff or individuals on vacation. Although he must have been experiencing a great deal of stress in his assumed duties, Phillip was always pleasant and willing to work with any issues brought forward by faculty, staff or students. With the hiring of Tim Bryan as the new Director of Public Safety, Phillip has been instrumental in providing him the much needed background of the College and Departement. He has been an asset to Butler and to the Public Safety Department as a whole as he contributes to our strategic priorities by ensuring a safe working and learning environment. For his extraordinary efforts during his time as the Interim Director of Public Safety I would like to nominate Phillip Crom to receive a Great Grizzly Deed!

Third - Linda Yates (recipient of $50 BCC bookstore gift certificate)




Linda trained three part-time test administrators within a months time. This was no easy task since all three were training at different times. Linda was very methodical and comprehensive in her instruction, but also infused her unique sense of humor. Her patience was commendable as we continued to learn from our mistakes. She trusted in our ability to serve students when we didn't. Linda was a great mentor and we hope we can do her proud.

Fourth - Teressa Eastman (recipient of $25 BCC bookstore gift certificate)




Thank you Teressa for helping and caring for our Butler student's. Jan Roberts was Tyler Knox's vice principle and mentor in high school. I wanted to relay what Tyler told her about you. His disability teacher in Myrtle Beach was a Miss Means she was always very supportive and cared about him. He said you remind him of her he enjoys meeting with you and that you have helped him so much he looks forward to continuing to work with you when he returns in the Fall. Jan says it is hard on her and her husband because he so far away and is like a son to them. She also appreciates the time and care you give Tyler. Jan has been in education for 43 years. There were 4 boys she really tried to help in Tyler's class and it looks like Tyler is the only one at this point that will go on to make something out of his life. The rest have taken the wrong road.