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Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program

In 1988, Butler Community College established a Mentoring Program to support the growing number of Adjunct Faculty at our six campuses.   The Mentoring Program pairs experienced instructors with those that are new to Butler.  

  • Mentors are used to help first-year Adjuncts in the areas of communication, teaching strategies, policies and procedures, connections to the college, information, and to be there to answer questions.
  • Mentors are recommended by the hiring administrator or the Adjunct Faculty Services Coordinator and can be either a full-time Faculty or an experienced Adjunct Faculty instructor.
  • All Mentors receive a Mentoring Handbook that describes the procedures and suggestions for being an effective mentor and is an excellent source of information.
  • Mentors are an important asset of the Adjunct Faculty program and are valued as an excellent resource for their experience they bring to the program and their help at improving the teaching processes at Butler.
  • You can be a Mentor at Butler after your first two semesters at Butler.   If interested, contact Bob Meyer for more information.
  • As one new Adjunct Faculty instructor put it, my Mentor prevented me from "building igloos in the desert. "

"The title of "Mentor" is an honor and privilege and the opportunity to provide a valued service within the Butler learning community. It should never be undertaken lightly so approach this role with the greatest of humility knowing that your influence could last a lifetime. " - Bob Meyer

If you have completed your semester activity as a Mentor, a link to the PDF file version of the form is below:
Mentoring Report Form and Survey