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Congratulations to our Great Grizzly Deed 1st Quarter winners!


First - Amy Kjellin (recipient of $100 BCC bookstore gift certificate)


This is a nomination for Great Grizzly Deeds for Amy Kjellin. A partial list of her accomplishments as this spring semester began follows. Amy introduced new students and new teachers in six or seven high schools to Butler CC classes. High school students require LOTS of forms and communications with parents, administrators, and teachers. Amy held online orientation sessions for several students; some of whom actually don't take any ftf classes here and don't count as "our" students. Amy spent hours making sure the IDL equipment was set up for each class so instructors wouldn't have to do any fumbling with speakers and cameras. Amy did the orientations at the beginnings of I don't know how many classes, making sure students knew deadlines and locations of anything they might need. AND she had to get the schedule set up for non-credit classes that don't meet for two months. Amy supervised the remodeling, repainting, and repositioning of offices and classrooms over the Christmas break. She solicited estimates and hired contractors and temporarily moved tons (actually!) of furniture and equipment so the contractors could do their work. Landlords needed to be contacted about several problems, as well. She sifted through the unused classroom furniture in ElDorado and filled out our new spaces. When a teacher had unexpected conflicts, Amy acted as a substitute teacher for the first night of class. And I just saw her moving a refrigerator.

Second - Carmen Bunck (recipient of $75 BCC bookstore gift certificate)



Carmen assisted a student with a disability in enrolling for classes on Early Enrollment Day at El Dorado. She spent well over an hour with him and his mother assiting the student in finding classes that fit his academic needs, as well as, his needs of having classes in close proximity due to his disability. Carmen went above the call of duty checking to see if he would have adequate time for lunch by checking of cafeteria hours. She was very patient and considerate. Thank you Carmen!

Third - Karen Waddell (recipient of $50 BCC bookstore gift certificate)



The only time I have to get my classes set up in between Fall and Spring is early during the break, since I have a full-time job elsewhere. Karen, though she did not have to do this, made sure that I had access to my Online document processing module for my Spring classes and that it was set up. She could have waited and done it later and said "I'm on break" but jumped right in and helped me out. Love her!

Fourth - Sandy Dunn (recipient of $25 BCC bookstore gift certificate)



While on a day off Sandy took time to correct issues that occurred related to the disbursement of financial aid awards for the fall 2012 term in error. This was certainly something that was outside her normal job duties as she did this while on leave time. Thanks Sandy for being there when we were in .