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BCC Placement Retesting Policy

If, after taking the ASSET or COMPASS, a student is not satisfied with their placement, those wanting English Composition I should be given the option of doing e-Write if their scores are within one point of placing them into English Composition I.

The ONLY other reasons for retesting:

  1. Something caused the test results to be unrepresentative of the examinee’s actual knowledge and skills. This refers to irregularities at the testing site. Examples of irregularities include: student illness, fire alarm, interruption in the test delivery, etc. Causes warranting retesting for this reason are to be determined by the Director of Advising or Lead Advisor at testing site.
  2. There is reason to believe that a meaningful change (either an increase or a decrease) is likely to have occurred in the examinee’s level of knowledge and skill in the areas assessed by ASSET or COMPASS.
    1. If a student requests a retest under this reason, the student will be given a form stating the date they can retest and a list of approved “learning activities”. Approved “learning activities” will include: studying BCC or other study guides, attending Adult Education courses, attending tutoring sessions, reviewing online tutorials, attending courses relevant to the test subject. Other approved learning activities can be approved by the Director of Advising or Lead Advisor at testing site.
    2. At the time of retest, students must sign a place on the testing intake form that states they have done a “learning activity that is likely to have meaningfully improved my knowledge and skills in the subject area being retested”.

Retesting frequency
Students will be allowed to retest using the above guidelines every 7 days, not to exceed 3 tests in 30 days, not to exceed a maximum of 3 tests per semester.

If retesting on ASSET the following rules apply per the ASSET testing manual:

  • If the retest occurs before a full 30 days have passed since the previous testing, an alternate form of the ASSET must be used for the retest.
  • If a minimum of 30 days have passed since the administration of a particular ASSET form, the student may be retested using the same form.
  • No ASSET form may be administered to a given individual more than twice in a 90 day period.

IF retesting on COMPASS the following rules apply per the COMPASS testing manual:

  • Under no circumstances should a retest be given on the same day as the original test.
  • An examinee may take no more than three COMPASS/ESL placement test experiences in a 30-day period.