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Capital Outlay Project

Butler County Capital Outlay Project

A Capital Outlay Mill Levy is a levied tax that sunsets at a particular point in time.
Over the past several months, college faculty, staff and administrators spent time identifying capital needs across the college. From these efforts, 54 projects totaling $25,682,720 were reviewed and prioritized.

From that list, one comprehensive project with 10 components was identified for a five-year Capital Outlay Mill Levy. The project aligns with three critical goals of Butler: Teaching & Learning - Digital Safety - Physical Safety

WHY THE N90 Percent of Butler stay in the regionEED:

The rapid increase in internet consumption is having, and will continue to have, a dramatic impact on Butler. The demand for the Internet of Things is growing exponentially. Everything imaginable is connected thereby changing the way we work, teach and live. The vast explosion of technology consumes resources and creates an ever-present challenge to remain current and relevant.

Case Study, Mill Levy increase 2016

How the Butler County mill levy compares to other community colleges. 

More on Individual components coming soon.