Biotechnology: The practical application of biological organisms for the betterment of life sciences, medicine, pharmaceuticals, crops, livestock, and industrial production processes.

Biotechnology Lab

Butler Community College and the Manhattan Area Technical College’s (MATC) BIOTEKS (Biotechnology Training in Kansas) program have joined forces to expand the availability of this exciting educational career track. The program launched in Fall 2012 and now offers a full range of courses for an Advanced Biotechnology Certificate.


Students perform their lab work in Butler’s biotech laboratory in El Dorado and complete the supplemental lecture courses online through MATC. Students meeting admission requirements should expect to complete the certificate coursework sequentially through a fall, spring and summer semester which includes an internship in the industry. Students can supplement their Advanced Biotechnology Certificate with additional coursework to earn either an Associate of Science (AAS) degree.



About the Industry

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field and there is an increased need for skilled laboratory technicians. The Advanced Biotechnology curriculum provides students the skills necessary for an entry-level position in a biotechnology lab. 

Competencies learned include:

  • Safe lab practices
  • Standard testing procedures
  • Techniques for laboratory analysis
  • Operation and maintenance of biotechnology equipment
  • Tissue cultures
  • Manipulation of DNA
  • Manufacturing-scale biotechnology processes

These skills will prepare you for a career as a laboratory assistant, research assistant, biomedical research assistant, animal handler, animal technician, plant breeder, assay analyst, and/or a tech services representative. Some of the exciting employment opportunities for laboratory technicians include the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (Manhattan) and their support companies, pharmaceutical companies, research lab, and biotechnology businesses.

Employment opportunities for biotechnology laboratory technicians could include:

  • Basic biology research
  • Drug development and testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Food science/ its quality control
  • Agricultural/crop development
  • Forensics
  • Biofuels
  • Bio-industrial manufacturing
  • Mining/bioprocessing
  • Environmental/conservation.
  • Biodefense

Butler/MATC Biotechnology students so far have gone on from our program to internships or jobs in: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Biologicals manufacturing, a food processing lab, an academic research lab, and veterinary research and clinic labs. 

Contact Information

Dr. Alan Brown
Biology/Biotechnology Professor


Gary Royse