Learn how to apply practical, lab-based biological applications in the fields of science, medicine, food science, diagnostics, forensics, biofuels, environmental conservation, biodefense, pharmaceuticals, crop development, livestock and industrial production.

Receive a Certificate or an Associate’s Degree in Biotechnology. Butler Community College and Manhattan Area Technical College’s (MATC) BIOTEKS (Biotechnology Training in Kansas) program have joined forces to expand the availability of biotechnology instruction in Kansas.

Biotechnology represents a rapidly growing field that is creating an increased need for skilled laboratory technicians. This degree prepares you for an entry-level position in a biotechnology lab.

Become Competent in:

  • Employing standard testing procedures
  • Techniques for laboratory analysis
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Operation of equipment
  • Safe lab techniques
  • Manipulation of DNA
  • Manufacturing-scale biotechnology processes
  • Handling of tissue cultures

Career Opportunities:

  • Laboratory assistant
  • Research assistant
  • Biomedical research assistant
  • Animal handler
  • Animal technician
  • Plant breeder
  • Assay analyst
  • Tech services representative
  • Quality control representative

Courses in the program have several components:

  1. Lectures online through MATC (Manhattan Area Technical College), partner institution in biotechnology
  2. Lab courses at Butler
  3. Students must be accepted into the program and dual register

The certification program extends over a three-semester period culminating during the summer session with an internship at a biotechnology company/lab.


For more information contact:


Dr. Alan Brown
Biology/Biotechnology Professor

Gary Royse