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Business & Industry

Manufacturing Technology Students

A cutting-edge education.

Whether you want to manage a farm, work in a hotel or run your own business, Butler is the one-stop site to learn these practical business skills. By understanding how to code physician’s files, design a building or work as a culinary chef, you are gaining much-needed skills to head straight for the workforce. And if you want to transfer to a university, you can do that too. There are so many job opportunities awaiting you. Finish in one year with a certificate or two years with a degree.

We have numerous options for degrees or certificates in our Business & Industry MetaMajor. Take time to learn which one interests you.

Still Can’t Decide?

It’s okay! If you can’t decide which major program/pathway you want to start on, then select the MetaMajor pathway and still earn your two-year degree in an area where you’re most passionate. You can stay on track to graduate while you explore your options. And rest easy – the MetaMajor degree still transfers to your university of choice.