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Economic Impact

BCC Helps Ensure Prosperity

Economic Impact Facts

  • Butler Community College is the largest employer in Butler County.

  • Butler Community College has an annual economic impact on south central Kansas of $398.5 million annually.

  • Butler’s annual budget is approximately $50 million, thus providing a multiplier effect of nearly 8X.

  • Of the 19 community colleges in Kansas, Butler County taxpayers pay the third lowest rate per in-county credit hour.

  • For the last complete fiscal year, Butler County taxpayers contributed $382 per in-county credit hour. For all nineteen Kansas Community Colleges the local tax support ranged from $346 to $1,579 with an average $646 and a median of $539.

  • The two-year higher education sector in Kansas enrolls more students annually than the four-year Regents institutions yet only receive about 20% of the higher education funding. Yes, community colleges remain the most affordable option.


"Our mission to serve all who desire to learn. And, our impact when we perform this mission well is to create a powerful economic engine for our county and our supporting tax base. Butler is about student success. It always has been and it always will be. The lives that are changed for the better by the education and care we provide benefit, not only the community in which they attend college, but also our extended communities and all of Kansas."

- Lori Winningham,
Vice President of Academics

$9.5 million is spent in the region by students.

Butler Community College is Butler County's largest employer, with 1,400 employees.

Butler's state funding has increased only 4% since 2011.

More than 60% of Butler students are working, going to school and earning less than $20,000 per year.

Butler's regional enrollment allows more offerings.

Butler saves the average student over $4,000 per year over state universities.