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Butler for Butler Launches

Butler for Butler Chairs & Task Force Members

A group of Butler County leaders joined together this fall to create Butler for Butler, a volunteer task force to lead a community-based visioning and planning process for Butler Community College.

The purpose was to better determine how Butler could be an economic driver, support workforce for the county and be positioned to best serve students and our communities in the future.

Approximately 300 Butler County businesses, civic and community leaders, educators and residents were invited to participate in one of three 90-minute visioning sessions with co-chairs and task force members. The visioning sessions were held the end of November and in early December. Discussion topics at the visioning sessions included perceptions of Butler Community College:

  • how the college connects students with employers and workforce needs in the county
  • what are the challenges and benefits of having Butler in our county
  • what should the college look like to meet the needs of our communities and the students who attend in 10 to 20 years

Next steps include an opportunity for patrons to complete an online survey with similar question. Information will also be gathered from Butler’s broad student base.
“I agreed to serve as a leader of this effort because it’s that important that we take a smart and thoughtful approach,” said Travis Griffin of Butler County Electric Corporation. “I believe strongly that it’s time to really dig in and figure out what we want and how it will affect us. While we’re part of a region, this is about Butler.”

Information gathered will be used in discussion as Butler reviews and updates its strategic plan.
“This is a plan for Butler by the people of Butler,” said Linda Jolly, executive director of El Dorado, Inc. “It’s important that we address the future of our college together because we are all part of Butler County and this will affect all of us.”

Jeanette Walls Speaks at Butler



Auther Jeanette Walls with Butler President, Dr. Kim Krull


Bestselling author of the New York Times #1 book The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls spoke to a crowd of more than 400 on Monday, Oct. 22 on the El Dorado Campus. Walls’ appearance was made possible by the Harold Smith Cultural Series, a gift to Butler County from the estate of Harold Smith, an El Dorado native. Smith’s wish was “to give local people the opportunity to hear speakers they would not otherwise hear.”

“Events like this are a gift to Butler County from the college,” Vice President of Advancement Stacy Cofer said. “It is one of the many ways we give back and make an impact in the county and it would not be possible without generous and visionary donors like Harold Smith.”


A Dream of Helping Others

Georgina Casanova of Augusta

Just before Georgina Casanova of Augusta had her first child, she dropped out of high school. After three more children, years of menial employment and separation from her husband, she realized she needed a high school diploma. That’s when she started working with Butler Community College’s Adult Education program. By the spring of 2013, Casanova, who lives in Augusta, had earned her diploma and started thinking about going on to college. That next spring, after finishing her coursework at Butler, this mother of four became both a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) and CMA (Certified Medication Aide).

Now, along with doing housework for people, she was able to help her clients with medical care.

“School opened up so many possibilities,” Casanova said. “I want to be successful. I like to help people.”

Thanks to her training, Casanova was hired at the Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital – Immediate Care Clinic in Augusta. She gives shots, does lab work and uses diagnostic imagery. And, because she immigrated to Oklahoma from Mexico when she was four, Casanova is able to converse in Spanish with her patients – if they need her too.

“I came into Butler not knowing much,” Casanova said. “Once I got into my field, I knew nursing was my calling.”

This past fall, Casanova headed back to school, taking an anatomy course and a sociology course. She hopes to eventually obtain her nursing license. Because she’s going part-time, it will take a couple of years longer.
“I’ve had a great experience at Butler,” Casanova said. “Teachers said ‘Don’t give up; take it slow.’ So I am.”



 Butler in the news ...

Culinary Arts Academy in Augusta High School

Culinary Arts Academy in Augusta High School

A Culinary Arts Early College Academy will launch at Augusta High School in Fall 2019. Opaa! Food Management, AHS food service provider, and Augusta USD 402 joined with the college to create the two-year degree track for in-demand culinary jobs.
The partnership will utilize AHS’s Central Kitchen and provide students the ability to earn their Culinary degree by the time they graduate high school. The academy can support 16 students; 10 spots are reserved for AHS students.


First Two Graduate from KU School of Nursing Partnership

First Two Graduate from KU School of Nursing Partnership

Future nurses can now earn their associate and bachelor degrees in nursing without ever leaving Butler’s campus. The University of Kansas Department of Nursing partnered with Butler to create a way for nursing students to earn both degrees simultaneously. Congratulations to Ashley Looft and Denise Johnson, the first two graduates!


BEST Program

BEST Program

Butler and Emporia State University teamed up years ago to provide students the opportunity to earn a four-year teaching degree without ever leaving Butler County. Just a few years ago, the program extended to Andover. Butler & Emporia from Students to Teachers (BEST) is designed for students desiring a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. BEST graduates are sought after and highly regarded due to the extensive classroom experiences they gain in the program.



Andover 5000 Building Update

On March 5, Butler’s project team met with the Andover City Site Plan Review Committee and reviewed Butler’s plan for the renovation of the college’s Andover 5000 Building. The Site Plan Review Committee consists of members appointed by the Andover Mayor and City Council members. An overview of the site plan, traffic analysis, landscaping, water retention, and campus lighting was discussed. The committee also discussed proposed access to the campus under the new site plan which includes the current entrances on the east and west side of the 5000 Building.

The committee approved the site plan with conditions that the current main entrance be moved from the center to the northeast corner entrance under Phase 1 and that at such time as Yorktown is developed, this entrance will be closed and a new one will be relocated off Yorktown. A review of the entrances on 13th Street and an increase in the turning radii will be evaluated if needed.

The following day, Andover City staff and City Council representatives met with Butler representatives to continue discussions about future road improvements to Yorktown and Commerce Streets. Costs, financing, and timelines were all discussed. Any decisions for future road improvements will have to be agreed upon by the Butler Board of Trustees and the City of Andover.

Some demolition of the 5000 Building has started, but building permits are still needed before additional construction can commence. Construction bids for the 5000 Building have been reviewed and will be considered by the Board of Trustees at the regular April Board meeting. Butler will continue to work with Andover USD 385 in an effort to help them meet their timeline to start demolition of the north wing of Andover High School by early summer of 2020.




Butler Community College Relaunches Career Services

Aletra Chaney-Profit

Meet the new director of Butler’s Student Career Services department, Aletra Chaney- Profit. Butler has hired Chaney-Profit to tackle the college-to-career assistance demand.

Chaney-Profit joined the college in January and is immediately tackling the work of connecting regional employers with Butler students. She said one goal is to “enhance employer relationships and create a pipeline” for students to any employment, internship or work experience. Chaney-Profit wants employers to know she is ready to support their business workforce needs.

Health and medical industries are already reaching out to Butler’s Career Services department because “our nursing program is awesome,” she said. She also wants to have the ability to build curriculum based on the employers’ needs.

Chaney-Profit also seeks to provide career guidance to students by providing job wage and job sustainability information, career preparation activities like resumé building and mock interviews so they are best prepared to enter their career path.

Employers in the area may contact Aletra Chaney-Profit to discuss their employment needs by calling (316) 322-3294 or emailing