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Fast EMT Certification:


Get certified within weeks or months to start working as a EMT right within the Wichita area.


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Fast Track Certifications


  • June 1 Start Date
  • Three days/week through end of July


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Fast Certificates

The right certificate or certification can prove itself invaluable when seeking to pursue a career with little time to spare. Within a short time frame, you’ll be able to qualify for jobs with a growing salary potential. Learn quick, work quick.

Short Term Classes

Looking for classes designed for adults wanting to develop new career skills fast? Short-term classes contain the same content as full-term classes. The only difference is condensed information during a shorter time so you can achieve your goals faster.

Hands-On Training

Butler’s training programs emphasizes real-world clinical experience in a variety of settings. Through hands-on experience you are exposed, first-hand, to a variety of elements and situations. We'll teach you the critical skills you need to be successful.

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