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Advance Kansas is a diversity initiative hosted by Butler Community College for community leaders. Each year, approximately 40 individuals who are committed to pursuing solutions to challenges and opportunities in the community, are chosen to participate in Advance Kansas.

Advance Kansas Objectives

  • Build leadership skills to support participants’ efforts to address complex diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within their own organizations and in the community.
  • Facilitate the development and strengthening of productive relationships among program participants and graduates.
  • Create a network of prepared leaders and influencers committed to social and economic progress in Kansas.

Please complete this online application form if you are interested in participating in the next class session. Class sessions begin each year in January and participants will be notified, provided with additional information, and invoiced for the registration fee in late November or early December.

Please be aware that the application form automatically times out after 10 minutes of inactivity. We suggest you eliminate distractions while completing this form to avoid losing your data. The only questions of any length on the application are:

  1. Briefly tell us about yourself. Include highlights of your work, professional and community involvement, and personal information you wish to share. 
  2. Please explain what you personally hope to gain by participating in Advance Kansas and how you believe your participation will benefit your organization and/or the community.
  3. Please share with us what diversity, equity, and inclusion means to you and why it is important?

You may want to take a moment and answer these questions in Word or a similar program and then copy and paste your answer into the form when you get to that point.


We recommend that you fill out the Email Receipt information so you will receive an email telling you if your application was successfully received.

For more information about Advance Kansas, visit our website, send an email message to, or call 316.323.6355.