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Nomination Form for Students to Nominate Employees

Your participation in nominating employees for these awards is appreciated. All nominees in each category will be announced and recognized at the 11th Annual Student Life Awards and Recognition Ceremony.

Please join us for the ceremony and reception on April 30 at 4:00 p.m. in the 2000 Bldg. Hubbard Welcome Center, Clifford/Stone Room on the El Dorado campus.

Deadline for Nominations are due by April 22 at 5:00 p.m.

***Note: You must write a meaningful description for each of your nominees in order for it to be considered.***

List of Awards 

Outstanding Instructor

Awarded to an instructor at Butler Community College who demonstrates superior pedagogy in the classroom, takes and active role in the lives of his or her students, is involved in and/or supports co-curricular experiences and opportunities for students, and inspires and educates students to succeed.

Outstanding Staff of the Year

This award honors a Butler employee (staff, administrator, or organization/activity sponsor or coach) who provides outstanding support and guidance to help a student or student group achieve their desired goals and continued growth. This individual serves as an outstanding representative of Butler's Timeless Institutional Values (Quality, Integrity, Service, & Caring). This person consistently goes above the call-of-duty to support and improve the out-of-class experience of Butler students as well as sets an example of someone committed to Ensuring Student Success.

Outstanding Student Advocate

This award honors faculty, staff, or administrators for their commitment and work on behalf of Butler Community College student issues that are not always obvious. This individual helps student find solutions to their problems or concerns and guides them so that they can be successful. This person's work and encouragement makes Butler students feel that they are part of the Butler family.

Butler Unsung Hero

This award was created to recognize an employee (faculty, staff, administrator, or organization/activity sponsor or coach) who has made a significant difference in the life of Butler Community College through the generosity of heart and extending herself or himself to positively impact the lives of others.