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Online forms: Internship Inquiry

One of the best ways businesses can partner with education to ensure students are prepared to succeed in the workplace is to offer internships. Butler partners with organizations willing to create internships based on the criteria listed below. When you are ready to take the next step, please complete this form to indicate your interest in partnering with Butler to provide learning opportunities for our students.

  • A written job description identifies knowledge, skills and qualifications; and the skills and skill level match the knowledge and skills of Butler’s students.
  • Learning objectives and goals are clearly defined and relate to the intern’s coursework.
  • Resources, equipment, and a safe work environment for the student to perform his/her job duties are provided at no cost to the student or the college.
  • Internships are temporary, with a defined beginning and end. The student must work a minimum of 100 contact hours during the term of the internship.
  • All employers must provide Worker’s Compensation to host a Butler intern; follow the US Department of Labor Fair Labor Standard Act guidelines for compensating student’s for all hours worked during their internship; and comply with all state and federal laws regarding employment and non-discrimination practices.