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Landing page headerGo the Distance

Go the distance. It’s not just a general metaphor to get people excited about future goals, it has meaning packed behind it. We mean it in more ways than you know. You may have to travel distances to get where you want. You may have to push yourself mentally to gain the knowledge you desire. You may need to stretch out your timeline to achieve your goals. Whatever the case, go the distance. Reach the finish line. 

When you go the distance with Butler, you’re supported by tireless faculty and staff, constantly finding ways to serve students the best way possible. We work hard to set the bar on your student experience. And when you decide to take the next step in your journey, your Butler education won’t let you down. 

So grab our hand. We’ll run the race together.


Affordable Education

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Butler is a powerful choice to help maximize your dollars because we understand debt is a major concern for any prospective college student. That's why the average cost per year to attend Butler is less than half of a state university and a fraction of a private or for profit institution. Plus with financial aid and scholarship opportunities, many Butler students graduate debt free.

Quality is our Trademark

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Butler prepares our students for good jobs and a better pathway to a bachelor’s degree for those who desire it. How do we do it? By providing access to high-quality faculty, smaller class sizes and a variety of degrees and certifications. When paired with our affordabability, it is easy to see why Butler is an unmatched value in higher education.

Advance into a Career

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You're ready, but moving up a career ladder isn't always easy. At Butler, we offer degrees, certificates and certifications to get you to your goals. Whether you are starting on a new careerpath, or need to expand your skills to reach your career goals, we can help you take tomorrow. Plus, you'll join a caring network of Grizzly grads with mentors invested in your success.

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