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Career & Workforce Education

Career and Workforce Education

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Career and Workforce Education is Butler Community College’s professional resource center for corporate training and individual professional growth. Headquartered in Andover, Kan. Our goal is to help people become more productive, so companies grow their bottom line.

With more than 30 years of experience delivering training across Kansas, Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest, we’re seasoned in building customized training programs. Regardless of the training needed, we work to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, solution-focused training.

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Featured Workshop

Cwe fiber optics hero

Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT)

Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT) training provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills in a high-demand field. This program introduces students to the principles of fiber optics, including installation, splicing, and maintenance of fiber optic networks. Through hands-on training and real-world scenarios, students learn to use specialized tools and equipment, preparing them for certification and future employment.

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Training Opportunities

Courses in business supervision and leadership equip employees with essential skills in team management, strategic planning, and effective communication.

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Learning welding and construction equips individuals with essential skills in metal joining and building techniques, emphasizing safety, precision, and technical expertise for careers in the industrial and construction sectors.

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Classes in arts, media, and design cultivate creativity and technical skills in various disciplines such as visual arts, digital media, and graphic design, preparing employees for innovative careers in the creative industries.

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Our courses in healthcare, medical, and fitness provide comprehensive knowledge on maintaining and improving physical health, including subjects like nutrition, exercise science, and wellness coaching.

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Courses in hospitality and service teach essential skills in customer service, event planning, and hotel management, preparing employees for careers in the dynamic and diverse hospitality industry.  

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Classes involving creativity and leisure offer opportunities to explore and develop skills in activities such as art, music, and recreational management, enriching personal growth and career prospects.

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IT classes equip your workers with foundational and advanced skills in areas such as programming, data administration, cybersecurity, and network administration.  

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Classes in legal and criminal justice provide comprehensive knowledge of the legal system, criminal behavior, and law enforcement practices, preparing employees for careers in the justice sector.

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Courses in language and writing enhance proficiency in communication, literature analysis, and creative expression, preparing employees for careers in fields such as education and publishing.

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We offer professional training in a variety of formats:

  • Customized training is tailored or developed to meet the unique needs of a specific organization.
  • Interactive training in professional development topics, computer applications, and project management. Public Training is scheduled quarterly.
  • Online training can be taken entirely through the internet. Both six week courses and career training programs are available.

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Online IT Bootcamps

Our Online IT bootcamps leverage targeted advertising strategies to reach aspiring tech professionals through platforms like social media and search engines, highlighting their flexible schedules and career-focused curriculum. These courses often emphasize hands-on learning experiences and industry-aligned certifications to attract individuals looking to advance or switch careers in technology.

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Registered Apprenticeships

Unlock your potential with registered apprenticeships, offering hands-on experience and professional mentorship while you earn a salary. Join a pathway to a rewarding career with structured training and industry-recognized credentials.

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