The study of life is a great way to make a living.

Your study of Biology can take you in a number of directions in your career. One of the most obvious and in demand fields is medicine, especially here in Kansas where there is a doctor shortage in every county. There are also many opportunities in Medical Laboratory Science these days, and the demand for nurses here and nationwide has rarely been higher. The biology curriculum integrates well with our respected Nursing program to prepare students to pursue their Bachelor of Science degree.

With advanced labs, plenty of research opportunities and highly qualified faculty, our Biology department is a great start to careers in medicine and biotechnology. Find out what you can do with a degree in Biology.

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Dr. Alan Brown
Lead Instructor
Office: BOA 6446

Susan Forrest 
Lead Instructor
Office: BOE 

Shannon Covert
Associate Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Office: BOE 15142

Tiffani Price
Associate Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Office: BOE 15129

Mel Whiteside
Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Office: BOA 5109S


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